Murs 3:16 presents - Murs & the Misadventures CD

Murs 3:16 presents - Murs & the Misadventures CDMurs 3:16 presents
Label: Murs 316
Year: 2007
Price: $12.95
Format: CD

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All about ''Murs and the Misadventures of the Nova Express'' in the words of Murs himself: ''Welcome to the wonderful world of Murs 3:16 Presents. This going to be the name I slap on everything I put out from now on. MCTV, Walk Like A Man 2 and records from the homies like Supreeme and Isaiah and basically whatever the fuck else I want. This comp is to introduce you to some of my friends and also it's helping release a little bit of the creative tension I've been building waiting on this Murs For President album to drop. I'm sitting on so many songs, and I'm used to dropping product frequently. But I'm still underground like that, so I had to do this. I personally call it the mystery mix and a lot of them aren't mixed so forgive the quality. Most of these are just moments over the past few years that I thought I might share with yall. Some to make you laugh (Nascar), some to make you cry (1st Love) and some songs from my homeboys I think are fresh mixed in between because its not all about me. So enjoy! Peace, love and thanks for your support.''

Track 1 Produced by Embassy. Tracks 2 and 3 Produced by Da Wax. Track 4 Produced by 9th Wonder. Tracks 5, 12 and 13 Produced by Dope Pope. Tracks 6 Produced by Sixtoo. Track 8 Produced by Sam Lobuell and Victor Manzano. Track 9 Produced by Asek. Track 10 Produced by Wild Animals. Track 11 Produced by Terrace Martin.

1.Murs - ''Ups And Downs''  (feat. Supreeme) click to listen
2.Murs - ''Down In 'Dena''
3.Murs/Asek - ''L.A. Blues'' (feat. Da Wax)
4.Murs - ''Babylon Fall'' click to listen
5.''The Yo.C. Interlude''
6.Isaiah - ''Free Gear'' click to listen
7.''Race Day (skit)'' (feat. Ew / Murray Mcreynolds)
8.Murs - ''She Had A Nascar''
9.Asek - ''The Saga Continues...''
10.Isaiah - ''Keep On Lovin' Me'' (feat. Murs)
11.Murs - ''1st Love''
12.Supreeme - ''Bang Bang Remix'' (feat. Murs) click to listen
13.Supreeme - ''Truth''
14.Murs - ''Untitled'' click to listen
15.Murs - ''Untitled''

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