Eligh - As They Pass CD

Eligh - As They Pass CDEligh
Label: Legendary Music
Year: 1996
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Format: CD

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Old Skool Eligh album well worth checking out. These were the pre-Y2K days...Eligh used to be on some 'end of the world' shit back then, understanding the level he was on during these years is part of understanding how far he's come in the last decade, and how much he's grown as an emcee and producer. Super solid with some really funny skits tucked in there too, no fan should be without this one.

Produced by Eligh except 3 by the Grouch and 6 by Elusive. Cover art by Eligh. Remastered in 1999 with 3 bonus tracks.

2.Your Not Alone click to listen
6.In A Quiet Mannor click to listen
7.Blue Collar (feat. Luckyiam (PSC))
8.On The Ave
9.Turn Up The Bass! (feat. Bicasso)
10.Time Is The Essence (feat. Luckyiam (PSC) / Bicasso / Aesop / Arata)
11.It Was A Mission (feat. Aesop / Yuki Hara)
12.Blind Serenade
13.The Dragon (feat. The Grouch / Murs)
14.Technology click to listen
15.Liquid Skies
16.It Could Be You (feat. Luckyiam (PSC) / Murs / Aesop)
17.UHB Radio (feat. Murs / The Grouch / Kool Savas)
18.The Dragon (OG Mix)

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Great album that shows Eligh was always great at what he does!, November 8, 2008
By: Indefinable - See all my reviews

I like this album a lot, I think just about every track is a classic Eligh song, there are good cameos from other Legends and other people, even a few people from other countries which is interesting, it has an underground feel but will bump, the whole beginning of the album is dope, the beats have their own feel and Eligh put some great styles on this album for sure, this album sounds very organic and like it came from the heart and mind but was and is still "ahead of its time" for lack of a better expression.. 5 stars, if you don't have this album and you like rap then go ahead and get it...

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