The Demigodz - The Godz Must Be Crazier 2xCD

The Demigodz - The Godz Must Be Crazier 2xCDThe Demigodz
Label: Endless Recordings
Year: 2007
Price: $16.95
Format: CD

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Finally! The massive 2-disc remastered Deluxe Edition of the underground classic The Godz Must Be Crazy EP! Crazier features 6 unreleased songs recorded during the same 2002 era and originally intended for the Demigodz full length that never saw the light of day after the label that released the EP went under. In addition, the 2nd disc contains the complete instrumentals to all tracks from the original version as well as the new bonus cuts. With brand new original artwork in limited edition packaging! H-E-A-T!

Disc 1
2.Science Of The Bumrush Vol. 2
3.Captivate/Deactivate (feat. Esoteric)
4.The Demigodz
5.Off The Chrome (feat. Louis Logic / Majik Most)
6.Don't You Even Go There (feat. Louis Logic)
7.Well, Well, Well (feat. Esoteric / Rise)
8.The Godz Must Be Crazy (feat. Esoteric / Jabber Jaw / L-Fudge / Louis Logic / Metropolis / Rise)
9.Under My Skin
10.Heat Speakers (feat. Esoteric / Louis Logic)
11.Science Of The Bumrush Vol. 3
12.Clown Class (feat. Louis Logic / Majik Most)
13.Laugh About It (feat. Southpaw)
14.Crazy Glue
Disc 2
1.Science Of The Bumrush Vol. 2 (Instrumental)
2.Captivate/Deactivate (Instrumental)
3.The Demigodz (Instrumental)
4.Off The Chrome (Instrumental)
5.Don't You Even Go There (Instrumental)
6.Well, Well, Well (Instrumental)
7.The Godz Must Be Crazy (Instrumental)
8.Under My Skin (Instrumental)
9.Heat Speakers (Instrumental)
10.Science Of The Bumrush Vol. 3 (Instrumental)
11.Clown Class (Instrumental)
12.Laugh About It (Instrumental)
13.Crazy Glue (Instrumental)

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