Apathy - Hell's Lost & Found 2xCD

Apathy - Hell's Lost & Found 2xCDApathy
Label: Endless Recordings
Year: 2007
Price: $18.95
Format: CD

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Hell yeah! It's the Bootleg Muthafuckas Volume 2! Rare, unreleased material both old and new, some from vinyl only releases, others from deep withing the vaults including remixes and freestyles never previously available on CD! The Demi-Godz front-man is definitely one of the hardest working underground emcee's out there!

Disc 1
1.CT Shit
2.Drive It Like I Stole It
3.Put Ya Dukes Up
4.Live At The BBQ (feat. Celph Titled / Motive / Styles Of Beyond)
5.Grow Up
6.Power (feat. 8th / Evil)
7.Nobody's Hero
8.Stronghold Freestyle
9.Hell No (feat. 8th)
10.Bloc Party (feat. Mike Shinoda / Tak)
11.Hard Work
12.Chicka Chicka
13.Own The World (feat. Emirc)
14.Have A Good Time
15.Gotcha (feat. CMK)
16.When The Cops Come Thru (feat. Frankie Riptide)
17.The Winter (Teddy Roxpin Mix) (feat. Blue Raspberry)
18.Foreign Affair (feat. Emilio Lopez)
19.Weird Story
Disc 2
1.Godz In Da Front (feat. Celph Titled / Motive / Styles Of Beyond / Emilio Lopez / Esoteric)
2.Cyrus The Great 50 MC's Freestyle
5.Go Ahead
6.Feelin' U
7.Observe The Sound (feat. Esoteric / J-Live / L The Headtoucha)
8.This Wun (feat. 8th)
9.The Blues
10.We Represent
12.Know What You Want
13.Night Life (12'' Mix)
14.Only Feeling You
15.Let Me Breathe
16.Bring It Bak (feat. Celph Titled / Motive / Styles Of Beyond)
17.Spanish Guitar (feat. One Two)
18.Compatible (Reformatted Remix) (feat. Celph Titled)
19.860 to 203

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