Jean Grae - The Orchestral Files DLX 2xCD

Jean Grae - The Orchestral Files DLX 2xCDJean Grae
Label: Babygrande Records
Year: 2007
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Format: CD

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A collection of pre-Blacksmith recordings and material unreleased and not previously available until now, showcasing Jean Grae's raw skills and memorable delivery which can be described as a cross between MC Lyte and Lauryn Hill. Recently appearing on Talib Kweli's best-selling new album Eardrum, the female emcee has long paid her dues and a few full length projects are rumored to be in the works, including an album produced entirely by 9th Wonder. We'll see...

Disc 1: The Orchestral Files
1.Trouble Man
2.Soul Clap
4.My Angel Is You
5.What Ya Gonna Do
6.The Story
7.The Band
8.Jean Experience
10.It's A Wrap
11.It's Alright
Disc 2: The Definitive Collaboration Collection
1.DJ Kay Slay - 'Intro'
2.Masta Ace - 'Soda & Soap' (feat. Jean Grae)
3.Guru - 'Power, Money & Influence' (feat. Talib Kweli / Jean Grae)
4.Jean Grae - 'The Jam'
5.The Herbaliser - 'Nah'Mean Nah'm Sayin' (feat. Jean Grae)
6.Songodsuns (2Mex) - 'Breath of a Salesman' (feat. Jean Grae)
7.Spash - 'Another Day' (feat. Jean Grae)
8.Vordul Mega - 'Believe' (feat. Jean Grae)
9.Jean Grae - 'Fall Back'
10.Jean Grae - 'Look Around'
11.The Herbaliser - 'If You Close Your Eyes' (feat. Jean Grae)
12.Da Beatminerz - 'U... Me... All Ov Us' (feat. Jean Grae)
13.Black Panther - 'The Darkest Night Ever' (feat. Jean Grae)
14.Songodsuns (2Mex) - 'Big Beat Walkthrough' (feat. Jean Grae)
15.Prince Paul - 'Controversial Headlines AKA Champion Sound (Pt. 2)' (feat. Horror City / Jean Grae)
16.C-Rayz Walz - 'Pink' (feat. Jean Grae)
17.Diverse - 'Under The Hammer' (feat. Jean Grae)
18.The Herbaliser - 'Twice Around' (feat. Jean Grae)

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