Azma & Harsh Reality - West Nile 2 CD

Azma & Harsh Reality - West Nile 2 CDAzma & Harsh Reality
Label: I-Sight Records
Year: 2007
Price: $8.95
Format: CD

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Azma the Instigator and Harsh Reality of the Inthevisualz return with a follow up and a hefty amount of battle-worthy rhymes and heavy beats for West Nile 2. With appearances by Adept Poetik, Stigma.One and production by Gammaray, DJ Abzorb, Harsh himself and more!

New, factory sealed CD.

Tracks 1 and 8 Produced by Gregory B. of Mafioso Ent. & Chasm. Tracks 2,.3,4 and 22 Produced by DJ Abzorb. Tracks 5,7,12,15,16,17,18,20,21 and 25 Produced by Bobby Lo. 6 by Heron Traxx for Rufnek Ent. Tracks 11 and 19 Produced by Gammaray. Tracks 9,10,13,14,23 and 24 Produced by Harsh Reality. Executive Produced by Azma the Instigater and Harsh Reality. Cuts on tracks 4,8,17 and 22 by DJ Slow, with cuts on track 15 by DJ Abzorb. Graff by Stigma One. Design by Tib.

1.Harsh Reality/Azma Instigater - 'Westnile 2'
2.Azma Instigater/Harsh Reality - 'Hands Down'
3.Harsh Reality - 'Deep'
4.Azma Instigater - 'Heroin'
5.Harsh Reality/Azma Instigater - 'Promised'
6.Azma Instigater - 'Revolution'
7.Azma Instigater/Harsh Reality - 'Left'
8.Azma Instigater/Harsh Reality - 'Reminisce'
9.Azma Instigater - 'On Them'
10.Harsh Reality - 'Sink Or Swim'
11.Azma Instigater/Buddha/Harsh Reality - 'Supreme'
12.Azma Instigater - 'Effortless'
13.Harsh Reality/Adept Noetik - 'Hellmouf'
14.Harsh Reality/Adept Noetik - 'Russian Roulette'
15.Azma Instigater/Harsh Reality - 'Fire'
16.Harsh Reality/Adept Noetik - 'Hazzards'
17.Azma Instigater - 'Parallel'
18.Azma Instigater/Adept Noetik - 'Every Other Beat'
19.Buddha/Azma Instigater - 'Intrigued'
20.Azma Instigater - 'My Heart'
21.Azma Instigater/Harsh Reality - 'Where You At'
22.Harsh Reality/Adept Noetik/Stigma One - 'Virus'
23.Harsh Reality - 'Get Up'
24.Azma Instigater - 'Writer'
25.Harsh Reality/Azma Instigater - 'We Gon' Let You'

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