Clutchy Hopkins - Walking Backwards LP

Clutchy Hopkins - Walking Backwards LPClutchy Hopkins
Label: Ubiquity Records
Year: 2008
Price: $14.95
Format: Vinyl

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The mystery that surrounds the elusive Clutchy Hopkins continues! Only a few know who (or what) he is, if he's more than one guy and how he or they make their music. Although one thing is for sure, the music is more important than the identity itself. We'll assume that Ubiquity (no matter what they claim) found Clutchy Hopkins and from there Walking Backwards became one of their best kept secrets. Almost as secretive as Clutchy himself. This loss for answers in search of Clutchy Hopkins' true identity is perhaps the perfect backdrop for the mood of the album. Kind of a lost feeling of isolation, but a loneliness that provides creative freedom without anyone around to tell you how to play your instruments. So just when you think you know what the style and mood of the album is, it takes a turn and can often become quite funky and dark. As very early supporters of The Life of Clutchy Hopkins we here at Access are ecstatic about the new album and would just like to say that we would never actually reveal what we

1.Sound Of The Ghost
2.Song For Wolfie
3.Love Of A Woman (feat. Darondo)
4.3rd Element
5.Para Los Ninos
6.Horny Tickle
7.Percy On The One
9.All Oscar
10.Good Omen
11.Swap Meet Me At The Corner
12.Last Time For Your Mind

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