Abstract Rude - Rejuvenation CD

Abstract Rude - Rejuvenation CDAbstract Rude
Label: Rhymesayers Entertainment
Year: 2009
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Format: CD

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As a product of the legendary Goodlife open mic sessions, Abstract Rude splashed onto the scene in 1994 as part of the famed Project Blowed crew that included LA's Freestyle Fellowship and Aceyalone. As one half of the A-Team (with Aceyalone), one third of Haiku D'Etat (with Aceyalone & Myka 9) and frontman of his group Abstract Tribe Unique (ATU), Ab Rude has endeared himself to fans worldwide through consistent touring and genre defining albums such as 1999's South Central Thynk Tank (currently out of print). Once signed to the Beastie Boys Grand Royal imprint, Ab has readied himself to re-emerge with Rhymesayers Entertainment and his most consistent and focused work to date, Rejuvenation, a long awaited follow up to his 2003 album Showtyme, while appearing elsewhere on other projects over the last few years. Produced entirely by Seattle super producer Vitamin D (G-Unit, Redman, Young Buck, Gift of Gab, Choklate, Lifesavas, Black Sheep, etc.), Rejuvenation is a hard hitting soulful ryde showcasing Ab Rude's distinct and unlimited vocal styling. Comes with a drop card that allows you to download the instrumentals by following the instructions to the website on the back of it... so don't throw it away, it's not a dinky flier. Plus a free Rejuvenation poster! While supplies last.

Produced by Vitamin D.

1.Hip Hop Ryde
3.Nuff Fire
4.The Conch
5.Thynk Eye Can (Haiku D'Etat Mix)
6.TV Show
7.Sadly Ever After
9.Diggin' It?
10.Aaron, Ab, Abbey
11.RSVP (Wanna Party)
12.Man Down
13.Is What It Is
15.Thynk Eye Can (Blowedian Next Generation Mix) (Bonus Track)

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This Album Has The Goods, Stop Biting!, January 17, 2011
By: AnyStylz - See all my reviews

This album was put together in my opinion very well, has Ab's good ideas reflecting his true emcee degree and the beats are super nice. You have that working in your favor to go along with Abstract's unique rhymes and his always full of soul rhythmic style that signifies his ability to always come out with something fresh which shouldn't come as a shock to anyone, especially if you're an Ab fan. Honestly, for those who have hated on the album, you don't like Abs shit in the first place, cause this album has everything you want if you are a follower of Abs work from all of his prior releases. I would take another peak at the transition from his prior albums and you can see that it's the same guy with just newer rhymes for a different and just as smooth of an album dating back to any of his other releases he has ever put out. You can have your favorite CDs from Rude but this album is just as bad ass in comparing his other classics. It's a different time and it's been a minute in between solo albums but you really going to underestimate Ab Rude and his genuine rhymes along with his great approach to the mic then you're obviously not a true Project Blowed fan cause this album has Leimert Park and The Good Life Cafe written all over it. Granted their is not a Heavyweights Round 5 but i'm sure of any future Ab or Project Blowed albums, we'll see a Round 5 soon. You can hate if you want, but if you do, do so with a risk, cause it could hurt you with a vicious sparring at the gathering. PEACE and if Tyson is still eating your kids, you're not Bouncing! A.T.U. - We keep it True!

Not Hatin, Just not that Great., August 15, 2009
By: Doorizzle82 - See all my reviews

I would have to agree with the first post, I expected a BOMB sounding album, Nuff Fire is the tightest track in my opinion. Lyrics are awesome just the beats are mediocre. I was expecting a mind blowing album because of Showtyme, thats why i was disappointed with this album.

disappointed, May 26, 2009
By: tawl tayl - See all my reviews

I was hoping this would be cool but only 4 tracks at the most were good. The beats on all the other tracks were basic loops that only changed in the chorus and they were not even that great of loops to begin w/. It was a pretty bad effort. I don't have all of his solo lp's but it seems that he isn't as good when he's by himself rather than w/ ac and/or myka. 2/5 stars I'd say.

fresh, May 7, 2009
By: emazingsole - See all my reviews

this album gets at the soul man! how can you hate in the other review? how can you hate on originality? I think its nice.

come on say it to yourself "i think i can i know i can"

REVIEW, May 4, 2009
By: AUBENDOZA - See all my reviews

I dont care much for the beats. Good raps. I dont think ill be listening to this much. A few good beats, but mostly i ended up skipping songs, got bored. im bummed out. I wanted this to be super tight. :(

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