Guilty Simpson - Stray Bullets CD

Guilty Simpson - Stray Bullets CDGuilty Simpson
Label: Dreadnaughtz
Year: 2007
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Format: CD

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A precursor to Guilty Simpson's upcoming debut album, Ode to the Ghetto, mixed by none other than the World Famous Beat Junkies DJ Rhettmatic. Featuring tracks from his many guest appearances on other peoples albums as well as compilations and a few exclusives with tracks you may have heard produced by Madlib, Jake One, J-Dilla Black Milk and more! Heat!

1.The Future
2.For The D
3.Get Riches
5.Supreme Beings
6.Look Out Below (feat. Bizarre / King Gordy)
7.Inner Circle (feat. Almighty Dreadnaughtz)
8.Professionals (feat. Marv Won)
9.Squeez EZ (feat. King Gordy / Fattfather)
10.Get Em
11.LA LA
12.Roll Call (feat. Cysion)
13.Lemon Squeeze
14.Sound The Alarm Remix
15.Man's World
16.DJ Rhettmatic Megamix

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Sure fire heat!!, April 10, 2008
By: Gfunk - See all my reviews

I was an instant fan of Guilty Simpson the first time I heard him on Dilla's Ruff Draft or the Jaylib ish. Aside from his name, his voice is SO hard, and his lyrics are even harder! With his precise no-frills delivery and savage raps - creative but genuinely unapologetic in their blunt gutter level beauty. "Bring your heater when you come to the D, that's why the invitation reads B.Y.O.G." This fool is so undeniably raw in sound/style! I find myself listening to Guilty sometimes like, "Is this the hardest shit I have ever heard in my life?" haha. F'real though this entire mixtape is incredible with the exception of like two tracks.. not to mention it contains the best Guilty track ever put down by Dilla that didn't go on his debut album. So you gotta cop this unless you've picked up Man's World on wax. Rhettmatic even busts out a XL megamix at the end with all the Dilla/Guilty stuff that just bangs ridiculous. When I bought his full-length, I was missing tracks like Beast, and Man's World, and some others - plus many of the albums bangers were already on this mixtape.. do it!

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