Various Artists - Invisible Superstars v.1 LP

Various Artists - Invisible Superstars v.1 LPVarious Artists
Label: The Secret Life Of Sound
Year: 2007
Price: $12.95
Format: Vinyl

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The Secret Life of Sound label drops the friggin' bomb on us! A diverse collection of electronic, jungle drum-n-bass and sample based artists and producers ranging from Controller 7, Buddy Piece, PNS, San Diego's very own Tenshun and more!!! For fans of compilations like Bully's Lunch Money Singles and the recently released Signal Path! Limited!

1.Miles Tilman - 'Chicken Salad Beats' click to listen
2.Scott Matelic - 'Thoughtless'
3.Controller 7 - 'Consumer' click to listen
4.Tenshun - 'Mindfuck'
5.Zombie Mountain - 'Heretic' click to listen
6.Meatsock - 'Another Place'
7.Mormon Freegan - 'Seeing n=0'
8.Corsic - 'Romoxy' click to listen
9.Buddy Peace - 'Slow Gang Funeral'
10.PNS - 'Storm' click to listen
11.Skoweyajeed - 'Papal Brakedance At 23.33'
12.Thomas Dimuzio - 'Tire Damage'

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Slept On!!!, September 3, 2008
By: secrethangout - See all my reviews

This compilation encompasses everything I love about beats! This compilation is worth it for the Corsic track alone! In addition to Corsic, you have artist like 10shun with really sinister and crazy drums! The Buddy Peace track is also a favorite with its dark cinematic feel. Also on the album are Scott Matelic and Controller7. Although the Matelic track isn't what we're used to with, it's equally as dope as his older material, ie. the Ring Finger 7" on Bully. The Controller7 is raw, the guitars are really sick and the drums hit extremely hard! Overall this is what instrumental music should be! Limited to a 1000 copies, I'm still baffled as to why this hasn't sold out yet!

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