Atmosphere - Sad Clown Bad Fall 10 CD EP

Atmosphere - Sad Clown Bad Fall 10 CD EPAtmosphere
Label: Rhymesayers Entertainment
Year: 2007
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Format: CD

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As the days get shorter and the nights get colder, the dreary months of Fall creep in and gray skies hang overhead. As seen on tour and now with wide release, Sad Clown 10 is meant to transition fans and listeners from Summer to Autumn with fitting lyrical content and slumpier beats, done in only a way that Atmosphere can with 5 all new tracks to tide us over throughout the holidays and before Winter. Cheer up Sad Clowns!

Produced by Ant.

2.Party Over Here
3.Make The Sun Come Out
4.The Rooster
5.Lyndale Avenue User's Manual

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I miss Summer (3 Stars), March 7, 2008
By: alanp0099 - See all my reviews

After Slug & Ant's gorgeous, near-classic "Sad Clown Bad Summer" EP, the duo quickly turns out "Sad Clown Bad Fall" as the second installment out of a 4-season series of EP releases. The "Summer" EP was a lot of fun. It was warm and inviting - classic Atmosphere. It should come as no surprise that for the "Fall" installment, that their vibe has changed. Notably, it is more guitar based; featuring guitar & bass on nearly every track. Also, the synth doesn't get ignored either.

The EP kicks off with "Peyote" - an excellent number with a tight beat, clever wordplay and nice use of live guitar, bass & synth. However, the chorus is a bit lackluster. "Party Over Here" is a nice joint...a little peppier tune with a house party vibe. Unfortunately, the gimmicky call-and-response chorus become redundant. "Makes The Sun Come Out" is probably the most forgettable tune on the CD, despite some decent lyrics from Slug. "The Rooster" has a nice atmosphere to it (no pun intended). Slug's lyrics are nice here. "Lyndale Avenue User's Manual" is my favorite joint here. Nate Collis serves up some tasty guitar licks here, and the vibe is strong.

Overall, I'm simply not feeling this like their "Summer" EP. Although there are a couple decent tunes here, most are easily forgotten. Unfortunately, they have turned in a typical set of tunes that holds strong to the typical definition of an EP - decent tracks that don't hold up as strong as their album cuts do.

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