Kool Keith - Dr. Octagon Part II CD

Kool Keith - Dr. Octagon Part II CDKool Keith
Label: Real Talk Entertainment
Year: 2007
Price: $15.95
Format: CD

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Re-release of the unofficial Doc Ock 2! Many may remember the controversy over this release and the curse of Dr. Octagon. For years all anybody wanted was another Octagonecolgyst, but that seemed to be the problem, and Kool Keith took an entirely different path as he continued to come up with newer and more bizarre personas. As he was in talks and sometimes actually recording the real Return of Dr. Octagon, many problems with the various labels and unknown producers that approached him began to occur, and no one could get on the same page. In an effort to capitalize on the buzz surrounding the rumored return of his most famous alter ego while it was still fresh, Dr. Octagon II arrived and left everyone scratching their heads. As it turned out, the collection of songs were allegedly stolen rare demos and bootlegs, which later resulted in a cease and desist order. Copies were recalled and pulled from shelves, and the CD was out of print for over 4 years. Controversy aside, the official release of this once rare find makes any Kool Keith fan's collection complete.

1.Octo Freestyle
2.Stop Frontin
3.Take It Off
4.New YorkCity
5.The Original
6.Stop Rappin
7.Dr Octagon 2
8.Star Wars
9.Lyrical Magic
10.Jocking My Style
11.Fright Night
12.Can I Touch Ya Butt Girl?
13.You Know You Want It

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