GZA - Pro Tools CD

GZA - Pro Tools CDGZA
Label: Babygrande Records
Year: 2008
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Format: CD

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Quite possibly one of the better if not best Wu related releases this decade! There have been a lot of good, a few okay and others not so hot, but Pro Tools (which is referring to his mic skills) is definitely at the front of the pack! Always a fan favorite and one of the strongest members of the Clan, GZA drops everything on us all at once, deep metaphorical jewels, storytelling epics, morality tales, and the one creating the most buzz, the 50 Cent dis track! But that's nothing compared to the rest of the album and is really showing GZA just getting it off his chest, because Fiddy is yesterday's news, and there is plenty more out there wrong with the mainstream than just him these days. If there's one thing we can depend on, it's the belief that because Wu-Tang's fan base is world wide the message is always left with the people to spread the word. Their name still reaches the masses and the fire they've sparked in hip hop will never be extinguished. Featuring production by The RZA, Bronze Nazareth, Mathematics, Black Milk (Whuut!), Dreddy Krueger, and True Master to name just a few, as well as featuring RZA, Masta Killa and more!

2.Pencil (feat. Masta Killa / RZA) click to listen
3.Alphabets click to listen
4.Groundbreaking (feat. Justice Kareem)
5.7 Pounds click to listen
6.0% Finance
7.Short Race
9.Paper Plate click to listen
10.Columbian Ties (feat. True Master)
11.Firehouse (feat. Ka)
12.Path Of Destruction
13.Cinema (feat. Justice Kareem)
14.Intermission (Drive In Movie)
15.Life Is A Movie (feat. RZA / Irfane Khan-Acito) click to listen
16.Bonus Track: Elastic Audio (live at the Parish in Austin, TX) (feat. FYRE Department / Dreddy Kruger)

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hot disc, December 18, 2008
By: ripodb - See all my reviews

Protools is the hottest solo disc to come out of camp wu tang in years. The beats, the lyrics, the guest mc's, the overall mood of the disc, everything...HOT SHIT!!

GZA - "Pro Tools", November 5, 2008
By: SUPeRB - See all my reviews

With the recent release of 8 Diagrams (2008) and RZA's album Digi Snacks (2008), the Wu-Tang Clan has shown persistence that is likely to keep hip-hop bumpin' for at least another decade. It's been about three years since the Genius/GZA dropped Grandmasters (2005) with DJ Muggs and almost two decades since his very first masterpiece, Words with the Genius (1990). GZA's newest release, Pro Tools, showcases his passionate commitment to writing rock-hard rhymes. The clan's own Mathematics, True Master, Bronze Nazareth, Arabian Knight and Dreddy Kruger supply fresh beats as well as the RZA. RZA creates the dark canvas, "Paper Plate," on which GZA artfully attacks 50 Cent. (GZA explained in an interview that the title "Paper Plate" is referring to lightweight or disposable rappers.) "Life Is a Movie" is produced by RZA and features Irfane Khan-Acito and samples from Gary Numan's "Film." Aside from GZA's exceptional lyricism and distinct assortment of producers, various featured artists add Wu-ambiance to make the album borderline compilation. The GZA cleverly shares verses with his cousin RZA, clan member Masta Killa, and even his own son Justice Kareem. Pro Tools resurrects the clan's original rock-hard formula that engrossed so many Wu-Tang fans in the 90s. SUPeRB

GZA, August 21, 2008
By: AUBENDOZA - See all my reviews

HMM this album is ok but not great. Doesn't really meet my expectations for what id expect from the GZA. His raps r good lyrics are good, but the beats are lacking. Dont be expecting a Liquid Swords caliber album from this. Kinda disappointed on this one.

Definitely is not going to change the game. >.< bummer.

yup...., August 8, 2008
By: Jimmy Powers - See all my reviews

This shit is gonna change the game....

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