NYGz - Welcome 2 G-dom CD

NYGz - Welcome 2 G-dom CDNYGz
Label: Year Round Records
Year: 2007
Price: $15.95
Format: CD

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Lifelong friends and Gang Starr Foundation members Shabeeno and Panchi get a proper debut on DJ Premier's Year Round Label. Years ago things were finally coming together for the duo, with Panchi poppin up on OC's Jewelz and later the both of them were featured on ''The Mall'' from Gang Starr's Moment of Truth. The two were separated for a brief time after Panchi served a 5-year sentence, but through loyalty and a passion for the music they stuck together and kept a strong relationship with DJ Premier. As history would have it, a sudden decline of the major record labels means that these days almost everyone attempting to put out real hip hop is considered to be underground, and the only way to go about this collapse in the industry is to go independent to have your voice heard, these are the topics tackled on G-dom in what some are finally calling a recent revival of that true NY boom bap. Produced almost entirely by Primo with guest spots from Guru, Royal Flush, Lil Fame (from MOP) and more!

DJ Premier, Emile, Kingdom, Thorotracks, Harlem Fatz, Biggest Gord.

1.Itz On (feat. Rave)
2.Ya Dayz R #'d
3.3 Man Weave (feat. Reef / Hustle / Mic Ock)
4.Laundry Kings (feat. St. Laz)
5.Sufferin'  (feat. Rave / Fizzy Wo (M.O.P.))
6.Get 2 Tha Point
7.G'z & Hustla'z (feat. Rave)
8.Welcome 2 G-dom (feat. Rave)
9.What Kinda Life  (feat. Raw)
10.Giantz Ta Thiz
11.Bow Down (feat. Blaq Poet / Rave)
12.Broken Dreams (feat. Imani Montana / Versatile)
13.Raps 4 U (feat. Boy Bucka / Harlem Fatz)
14.Bullseye (feat. Troy Sluggs / Royal Flush / Juice)
15.Black Buddafly (feat. Rave)

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