Kon & Amir - Off Track Vol.1-The Bronx 2xCD

Kon & Amir - Off Track Vol.1-The Bronx 2xCDKon & Amir
Label: BBE Music
Year: 2007
Price: $15.95
Format: CD

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Familiar with their On Track series? Welcome to the first of five in their Off Track mixes, a collection of even more obscure unheard and undiscovered grooves! Evenly split between Kon and Amir and now with full length versions of songs rather than usual short samplings and snippets, the modern day treasure hunters have uncovered rare jazz, latin, world-style, soul, funk, disco and name it, they've got it!

Disc 1
1.Homebrew - 'Once I Had a Friend'
2.Garden of Eden - 'Everybody's On a Trip'
3.Sundown - 'Spaced Outta Place Pt 1 & 2'
4.Darryl Douglas - 'Holding On'
5.Quest - 'Boy Scouts'
6.STUD Band - 'Success'
7.Masterforce - 'Don't Fight the Feeling'
8.Imp Express - '8-1'
9.Steel City Orchestra - 'Steel City Disco'
10.Jacqueline Dee & Johnnie Walker - 'Farewell to Welfare'
11.Larry Altop and the Exciters Band - 'Dreamin a Dream'
12.Le Stim - 'Tribute to Muhammad Ali'
13.Jorge Santana - 'Darling I Love You'
14.Round Robin and Brimstone - 'Plenty Good Lovin'
Disc 2
1.Pat Britt - 'Herman's Corner'
2.Horselmat - 'Right On'
3.Vincent Geminiani - 'Insideieusement Les Elfes'
4.The London Experimental Jazz Quartet - 'Destroy the Nihilist Picnic'
5.Zelia Barbosa - 'Opiniao'
6.Ex Pro Ovo - 'Whats the Deal'
7.Gerry Olds Trio - 'Gerry's Samba'
8.Sathima Bea Benjamin - 'Africa'
9.Marius Cultier - 'Nestor: Ti Patte'
10.The Ed Kelly Ensemble - 'Samba'
11.Melvyn Price - 'Voodoo Love Dance'
12.The Lamont Johnson Sextette - 'Aces'
13.Larry Nozero - 'Tune for LN'
14.Anita Moore and the TSU Jazz Ensemble - 'Compared to What?!'

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