Kurious - Constipated Monkey CD

Kurious - Constipated Monkey CDKurious
Label: Amalgam
Year: 2007
Price: $13.95
Format: CD

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The long awaited re-issue of Kurious George's classic debut! No hip hop fan's collection is complete without A Constipated Monkey. Along with the Beatnuts, Jorge Alvarez was one of the first upcoming latin emcee's in the early 90's. This happens to be yet another slept on album from the Golden Era, 1994 to be exact, a year in which he should have had his due, after appearing on a much heard demo from KMD's Black Bastards on ''Smokin' That Shit'' and the widely successful ''Nowhere to Run'' on Gravediggaz 6ft Deep! Why then, did an album that featured production handled almost entirely by the Beatnuts with appearances from Hiero's Casual, and then known Mr. Grimm aka MF Grimm, go so unnoticed? Perhaps it was the gimmicky sound of the title, maybe it was his ''curiously'' comical punchlines, but the album is actually quite good, he's a seasoned lyricist and outshines almost anybody on any guest spot he's been featured on. Do yourself a favor and re- experience the first AND ONLY album Kurious would ever be given the chance to release.

1....More Words Frrom Buka
2.Top Notch
3.I'm Kurious
4.Uptown Shit
5.Leave Ya' With This
6.Fresh Out The Box
7.Walk Like A Duck
8.Tear Shit Up
9.Baby Bust It
11.What's The Real
12.Jorge Of The Projects

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