DJ Vadim - Soundcatcher Extras CD

DJ Vadim - Soundcatcher Extras CDDJ Vadim
Label: BBE Music
Year: 2007
Price: $9.95
Format: CD

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Staying busy on a world wide tour for the better half of 2007 in promotion of Soundcatcher, it's a wonder DJ Vadim even had time to record new material. However it is thanks to his touring that we even have the Soundcatcher Extras. It features live recordings from the tour, newly inspired tracks and remixes previously available only on vinyl. Plus remixes that were submitted as part of an online contest and now compiled onto this formidable companion piece to what many already consider his best work to date. The CD includes enhanced features so you can view the videos for ''Got to Rock'' featuring Zion and ''Black is the Night'' with Katherin DeBoer. Top that!

1.Raise Your Glass (feat. Silent Knight)
2.Quand Viene La Nuit (feat. Bunzen / Yarah Bravo / Blu Rum 13)
3.I Can Never (feat. Emo)
4.Countdown (feat. Raashan Ahmad)
5.Saskatoon (feat. Young Blood Brass Band)
6.Got To Rock (Griffi Remix) (feat. Zion)
7.Kill Kill Kill
9.Like The Wind (Kidkanevil Remix) (feat. Deuce Eclipse)
10.Boom Sumting (feat. Demolition Man)
11.Za Ba Day (feat. Sena)
12.Kill Kill Kill (Jr Eakee Remix) (feat. Big Red)
13.Got To Rock (Aaron Jerome Remix) (feat. Zion)
14.Watch That Sound (J Star Remix) (feat. Emo)
15.Takl To Me (Live at Maison Foli Llle 07)
16.Kill Kill Kill (Deface Groove Remix) (feat. Big Red)

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