Equipto - 4 Ever In A Day CD

Equipto - 4 Ever In A Day CDEquipto
Label: Million Dollar Dream
Year: 2007
Price: $15.95
Format: CD

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After some confusion over its release date and the details surrounding the album, what was once conceived as a two-parter is now finally a full length affair! Hot on the heels of the successful release of Bored Stiff's latest album, Equipto's 4 Ever In A Day couldn't have come at a better time for fans! Featuring more of that Bay Area knock with guests like Mike Marshall and Mac Roo and released on Andre Nickatina's Million Dollar Dream label, it was rumored that this album would actually only be an 8 track EP and would be followed up by 8 more tracks with the 4 Ever In A Night EP, however all 16 cuts are here, and perhaps the aforementioned title will be saved as an idea for his next release.

1.4 Ever In A Day
2.The Game Dun Hurt Me (feat. Mike Marshall )
3.Equipto Freestyle
4.Elite 8 (feat. Akil / Berner / Ton Toriono / F Dog / Mic / Schwinny Moe / Sick YG)
5.Rap Stories
6.Ain't No Love
7.Too Soon (feat. Mike Marshall)
8.Just A Little
9.If U Only Knew
10.So Famous (feat. Mac Roo / Jimmy Roses)
11.Pimped Up (feat. Akil)
12.All I Know
13.Saucy As They Come (feat. Mac Roo)
14.Love Changes (feat. DJ TD Camp)
15.All Night
16.The Sitdown With Equipto

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