Kool G Rap - Half A Klip CD

Kool G Rap - Half A Klip CDKool G Rap
Label: Chinga Chang Records
Year: 2008
Price: $9.95
Format: CD

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The first release in almost six years since The Giancana Story from legendary Queens MC and Old Skool pioneer Kool G Rap thanks to Chinga Chang Records! After its release date was pushed back several times and then a consequent early leak of the album was reported, Half A Klip has finally arrived as the former Juice Crew member boasts over 20 years deep in hip hop history and is still to this day an underground favorite amongst fans and his fellow (and former) peers. Ahh...but there's a catch...It seems that this is only the precursor to...wait for it...Full Extended Klip. This nine track EP plus a few bonuses with guest contributions from DJ Premiere and Marly Marl should hold us over until then.

1.Risin Up
2.Turn It Out
3.100 Rounds (Original Version)
4.The Life
5.Typical Ni**a
6.What's More Realer Than That
7.I Feel Bad For You Son
8.With A Bullet
9.On The Rise Again
10.What's More Realer Than That (Alternate Version)

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