Da Beatminerz - Unmarked Music 2xCD

Da Beatminerz - Unmarked Music 2xCDDa Beatminerz
Year: 2007
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Format: CD

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Brand new instrumental offering from Brooklyn beat innovators, Da Beatminerz. Banging beats with a few skit-like interludes laced in between. Raw, real, and dirty, this is the art and essence of beat diggin'. The second cd collects accapellas over the beats from the previous disc, breathing new life into some older classics. Very dope indeed!

Disc 1
1.The Halftime Show Intro
2.The Loot!
3.Healthy Mighty
4.Continuing tha Saga
6.Action (That is Affirmative!)
7.I Don't Know You
8.Settin' It Up
9.1 Minute of Torture
10.Knuckle Up!
11.Knowledge of Criminals
12.Do What We...
14.Kept Thoro
15.A Letter to Mama
16.Youngest in Charge
Disc 2
1.Bonus Untitled Remix 1
2.Bonus Untitled Remix 2
3.Bonus Untitled Remix 3
4.Bonus Untitled Remix 4
5.Bonus Untitled Remix 5
6.Bonus Untitled Remix 6
7.Bonus Untitled Remix 7
8.Bonus Untitled Remix 8
9.Bonus Untitled Remix 9
10.Bonus Untitled Remix 10
11.Bonus Untitled Remix 11
12.Bonus Untitled Remix 12
13.Bonus Untitled Remix 13
14.Bonus Untitled Remix 14
15.Bonus Untitled Remix 15
16.Bonus Untitled Remix 16

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I Stand By What I Said, November 24, 2007
By: WesSezSo - See all my reviews

Da Beatminerz were and still are innovators. Real raw and dirty...listen closely for the crackle and pop in every beat. Yes, the essence of diggin' has been met here, these are original breaks and loops, chopped up and rearranged in a fashion to which we can nod our heads. But if its "Entroducing" you're looking for...take a pass, if it's beats and a bonus disc served up by some of the best producers, DJ's and diggers responsible for some of the best hip hop classics of our time...scoop this up and do your homework! And respect what's been done here by the Summa Cum Laude of Hip Hop. Peace.

Didnt like it...., September 27, 2007
By: Nasty - See all my reviews

Real raw, real dirty? The essence of beat digging? More like real boring, over used samples and the accapellas over the instros dont seem to fit. I wish I could return this one.

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