Sabac - Collabo Collection 2 CD

Sabac - Collabo Collection 2 CDSabac
Label: Uncle Howie Records
Year: 2007
Price: $12.95
Format: CD

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The second volume of collaborations between Sabac and a host of guests from all over the globe, including Blue Sky Black Death, Ill Bill, King Syze, Vinnie Paz (Jedi Mind Tricks), Jus Allah...from Los Angeles to France to Philly to Iceland, Sabac has gotten down with hella MCs and this is only the second volume of what's probably many more to come.

1.The Next Chapter (feat. Krohme)
2.Engage My Words Remix (feat. Jus Allah / Wise Intelligent / Blue Sky Black Death)
3.Fist Up (feat. Hafaza)
4.The Ritual Pt 1 (feat. Blue Sky Black Death)
5.Simple (Not Easy) (feat. Dony S)
6.Come On, Get Up (feat. Skammadix)
7.If I Could (feat. Speech Impediments)
8.Darkness Deepens (feat. Ill Bill / Slaine / Blue Sky Black Death)
9.The Nine
10.I Speak (feat. Authentic / Leslie Ivy)
11.The Onslaught (feat. King Syze / Vinnie Paz / Planetary)
12.Progress Demo Verse (feat. DJ Prolific / Tempermental)
13.Where is the Change? (feat. Revolution of the Mind)
14.Never That (feat. Ecto One)
15.Anywhere (feat. Midaz / Blue Sky Black Death)
16.The Eyes (feat. Saul Abraham)
17.Questions Need Answers (feat. Taiyamo Denku)
18.Earth  (feat. Blue Sky Black Death)

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