Eligh & Magi (TS) - The Brothers Grime CD

Eligh & Magi (TS) - The Brothers Grime CDEligh & Magi (TS)
Year: 2007
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Format: CD

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The Brothers Grime is the new, limited edition project by Eligh & Magi (aka Tom Slick or TS). Originally sold only by Eligh & Magi on tour, after that exclusively on the web via Access Hip Hop! The album has six original songs with Eligh rhyming over his and Magi's beats, instrumental tracks by both, and then some mixtape style tracks (with Eligh rapping over other people's beats). ''Grime'' in the title refers to the fast, double time, bounce style which will definitely keep you on your toes. Back in print as of November 2008!

2.Saving Face (feat. Basik) click to listen
3.French Class Antics
4.Score First click to listen
5.LA Disciple
6.Angels Gavels click to listen
7.Brothers Bridge
9.Hot Asphalt Grime click to listen
10.Greycrow Mix Up
11.Love Thrice click to listen
12.Rebel Sound click to listen
13.Super Heavy Slack
14.Grown Refix (feat. Mystic)
15.Why? Refix (feat. Goapele)

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Big Ups Eligh!, March 4, 2009
By: Casapulis1 - See all my reviews

Eligh has progressed into a spectacular MC and Producer and this album is a must have for any Eligh fan or Living Legends follower. I support all of the Legends work and this hard-to-find Lp is a Heater. I can't wait for "On Sacred Ground" Mother and Son along with the new G&E. Peace to Eligh and all the Legends and please keep it coming!

True GRIME usa style!, December 3, 2007
By: Sweet Therapy - See all my reviews

Eligh and Magi have done it! The Brothers Grime is true success of an American rapper being able to get down with GRIME music. Who better than Eligh and his iconic ultra fast mc style to create a perfect marriage with the GRIME'S doubletime beats music as he does in Brothers Grime. Even the instrumental tracks are beautifully put together. Some of the tracks are so clean and fresh on this CD I would say Eligh has almost out Grimed some UK mc's! "LA LA big city with dreams" track is off the hook. To add to the package theirs a sick remix of Justin Timberlake's "my Love" with samples of Timbaland's beats over Eligh & Magis own beats. Do yourself a favor and purchase this masterpiece!

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