Junk Science - Gran'dad's Nerve Tonic CD

Junk Science - Gran'dad's Nerve Tonic CDJunk Science
Label: Definitive Jux
Year: 2007
Price: $13.95
Format: CD

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A rare surprise and a real treat! From the trippy cover to the name of the album itself, I'll admit I had no idea what to expect from this one, except that DJ Ese (CEO of the label Embedded Music) somehow managed to get this co-distributed by Def Jux, which must be a hard thing to do considering its hard-to-please owner EL-P. For their new album, the Brooklyn duo and Nuclear Fam members Baje One and DJ Snafu (not of Old Dominion) re-examined their approach after their first album Feeding Einstein went a tad unnoticed and came up with a concept not just about alcohol but its effects on the personas and creative sides of each and every one of us. So you can forget about some guy rapping about getting drunk, but instead get a feeling for what it is about your poison of choice that makes you want to escape, drown your troubles, blow a fuse, dance, approach the opposite sex or punish yourself in guilt ridden rants about life, love and philosophy that only alcohol can bring out of you. And that's just the lyrical content...the production here is an absolutely amazing combination of heavy samples and drums with patchy patterns, the snap, crackle and pop of old dusty records and a melodic sense of security that tells you its okay to nod your head! Now who's been drinking Gran'Dad's NerveTonic? Featuring appearances by Cool Calm Pete, Loer Velocity, a special remix by Daedelus and more!!! Comes enclosed with a free beer coaster and enhanced features for you computer to get the instrumentals.

2.Pop Rocks click to listen
3.Do It Easy
4.Words From The Pedro (feat. Cool Calm Pete)
5.Woodchucks (feat. Loer Velocity)
6.Glasshouse (feat. MC K-Swift / Cavalier)
7.Whatever's Classico click to listen
8.Jerry McGuire
9.Hey! (Dr. Shennanigan's Underwears) (feat. Scott Thorough)
10.That Being Said (feat. Iller Than Theirs) click to listen
11.Third-Person Stealth
12.Slouchtro click to listen
14.Do It Easy (Daedelus Remix)

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