Bicasso - Living Life Lookin' Out CD

Bicasso - Living Life Lookin' Out CDBicasso
Label: Dirtworks
Year: 2000
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Format: CD

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This album is so solid it would break through a diamond. No joke. If you want to hear some dope, dope music on another level, check out this album by Bicasso. It'll leave you singin' 'I'm a hermit..' Check the guest appearances from Eligh to Grouch to Pep Love plus more. Backed by some of the most solid production out there and you got yourself an album.

Produced by Bizarro except 5 by Shu & Bizarro, 10 & 11 by Eligh

2.Be Eye See
3.Freedom 2000 (feat. Eligh)
5.The Next click to listen
6.Fantasias (feat. Nebulus)
7.Pay Attention
8.Navigations (feat. Eddie Gale)
9.The Rhythm Of Life
11.Soliloquy Of An Artist
13.Gone With the Winds (feat. Luckyiam (PSC))
14.Gumbo Dreamin'
15.4 U Now
16.Shut The Fuck Up
17.Let's Go (feat. The Grouch)
18.Gone Fishin'
19.2G Theory
20.Whatchuwannado? (feat. Pep Love)

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Criminally Underrated, October 24, 2007
By: alanp0099 - See all my reviews

It's almost sad that Bicasso isn't one of the more well known members of the Living Legends crew, based out of the bay area of California. In fact, he just may have the best ear for music throughout the entire collective. He's definitely one of the hardest working members, having one of the largest discographies of the group.

Bicasso is probably my favorite producer in the bunch. His beats are always unique, creative and very original. His instincts and timing is just incredible. Also, the man has got the hooks and choruses down to a science - something not all of the Legends have really perfected over the years. His flow isn't that unique, but it's still very good. He's also got plenty of interesting lyrics and stories. He does excel at beat-making, as much of the music and samples he uses brings forth just as much personality as his lyrics do.

The whole album is on point. Perhaps the major standout would be "The Next"; which boasts clever lyrics, a tight flow, and some very memorable production. In fact, much of the record is very memorable, which makes it one of my all-time favorites in the Living Legends collective (and I do own 100+ tapes/CDs/records from the LL crew). It's amazing that it can sustain your attention for it's full 72 minutes in length. The album is structured so well, it never seems overbearing. Excellent guest spots are also made by Eligh, The Grouch & Luckyiam.PSC of the Living Legends crew, Pep Love (of Hieroglyphics), Nebulus & Eddie Gale.

Overall, if you are looking for some dope Living Legends material, this is a MUST own. The Living Legends have a melting pot full of treasures that most hip-hop heads, and many fans of the crew have yet to discover. If you are a fan of the more abstract Living Legends members, such as Eligh or Scarub; Bicasso should be next on your list. Also, if you are a first-time purchaser, you simply can't go wrong, with what may be Bicasso's definitive masterpiece - "Living Life Lookin' Out".

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