Blame One - Days Chasing Days CD

Blame One - Days Chasing Days CDBlame One
Label: Soulspazm Records
Year: 2009
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''Grown Man Rap'' was the lead track off of Blame One's 2004 EP of the same name (released by Access Hip Hop). The long-time San Diego North County resident gives us credit for being the first to push his music on a wider scale through the EP release, plus by carrying his early CDs like Chemically Imbalanced and A Complex Burden. But I have to say all the credit is his -- it's the talent, skill, and music he creates that has made believers out of just about everyone who hears him, and the term ''Grown Man Rap'' applies to everything he has put out as long as we've known him. Through pure talent and skill the emcee conveys honesty and positivity without coming across forced or cliched. To put it bluntly...this is bullshit-free hip hop. Days Chasing Days follows up 2006's Priest, Thief + Wizard with pride and ease; once again, with help from frequent collaborators like Exile and Kankick on the beats, Blame has made something truly special. Also featuring production by Black Milk and Oh No, plus with guest appearances by Aloe Blacc, Johaz, Sean Price, Blu and more! Blame says the ovrerall concept of the album ''is about us all forming routines and patterns in our life and trying to go outside of that to accomplish something near to our own hearts.''

Produced by Black Sparx (track 1, 10) Exile (3, 6-9, 15), Black Milk (2), Kankick (4, 16), Blu (5), Archives (11), Oh No (12), G Rocka (13), and Rath Khy (14).

1.Supreme Beings
3.Street Astrologist
4.Bring to You
5.Wonder Years (feat. Exile)
6.Disturbed (feat. Sean Price)
7.Days Chasing Days (feat. Aloe Blacc / Beleaf)
8.Saturday Night Special
9.The Word to Say (feat. Johaz / Sha Dula)
10.Official With It
11.The Real Revolution
13.More Fiyah (feat. Johaz / Coss)
14.Blame Me
16.Spellcasting (bonus track)

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BUY THIS ALBUM NOW!, July 25, 2010
By: REKshitcreek - See all my reviews

This is another very impressive album from the godfather of San Diego Hip Hop. If you dont have this you need to cop it now! And Blame still manages to keep it real with out dropping off at all in all the years he's been doing this ish!

This IS hip hop, May 15, 2009
By: chunturo - See all my reviews

Excellent album. Listened all the way through and was highly impressed, then after the last track I thought about how good life really is and went home to tell my wife and daughters how much I love them.

Dang.., April 23, 2009
By: skibadee - See all my reviews

exactly what Nasty said... couldn't have said it better. Great album... Oh yeah, and Oh No has the dopest snares ever!!! Amazing album, Blame

WOW, April 23, 2009
By: Nasty - See all my reviews

I am a big fan of Blame, and I had high hopes for this album, all my expectations were blown away. Cant believe how well put together this album is. This will be in my running for best of 2009 for sure.

Big ups Blame Uno!!

DAYS CHASING DAYS 5 OUT OF 5!!!!!, April 8, 2009
By: djcro - See all my reviews

This is some real fire yall...the production is amazing and Blame One has really shown that paying dues as an MC will ensure a quality, mature, well-thought hiphop album that will be played and appreciated decades to come. Nuff said.

The album is BANGIN'!!!, March 28, 2009
By: Mike Castillo - See all my reviews

You can expect this album to get some serious love. The album is amazing. With production from all these ill cats, you know Blame is gonna knock out a killer album. Another ill release for him to add to the list.

Blame's Album, Days Chasing Days, March 24, 2009
By: Dj Sinn - See all my reviews

I haven't heard anything from this album yet, but I can't wait... I heard it's fire... Big ups to Blame and everyone else trying to put the best foot out possible for San Diego.

this right here, February 7, 2009
By: twisted_harmonix - See all my reviews

this is my most anticipated album for 09.

cant wait to hear the genius that blame is about to deliver.

PURE DOPENESS!!, December 8, 2008
By: Jimmy Powers - See all my reviews

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