The Grouch / Simple Man - Beans & Rice Sampler 2007 CD

The Grouch / Simple Man - Beans & Rice Sampler 2007 CDThe Grouch / Simple Man
Label: Simple Man Records
Year: 2007
Price: $10.95
Format: CD

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A special tour CD/mixtape/sampler from The Grouch's own label, ''Simple Man''. Bangin new tracks, remixes and a few previously released gems from Grouch, G&E, CMA, Zion I and Instant Messengers.

1.The Grouch - 'Krispy Intro'
2.The Grouch - 'Artsy'
3.The Grouch - 'Artsy Edit Remix' click to listen
4.The Grouch - 'Artsy Hyphy Remix'
5.The Instant Messengers - 'Scumfucks Remix' (feat. The Grouch & Eligh)
6.The Grouch, The Instant Messengers, Luckyiam, Eligh, Paul Dateh - '1st Things 1st 80s Nerd Groove' click to listen
7.Zion I - 'Don't Lose Your Head (remix)' (feat. The Grouch) click to listen
8.The Instant Messengers - 'She Loves Bullets Remix'
9.CMA - 'My Chick' (feat. Jams) click to listen
10.The Instant Messengers - 'Slammers'
11.The Grouch - 'Dedication'
12.The Instant Messengers - 'Came To Rock' (feat. The Grouch) click to listen
13.The Instant Messengers - 'Instant Swing'
14.The Grouch & Eligh - 'Remember Who You Are'
15.The Grouch - 'Simple Man (Fab mix)' click to listen

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Its simple..., October 1, 2007
By: mr.neezie - See all my reviews

Beans and Rice, while far from cuisine status, is simply some shit to hold you down till the new Grouch full release comes out. Grouch is my boy and I've never been disappointed with any of his projects, and though I'm not shittin' my pants over this cd, its still pretty fresh. Folks may knock some of the "mainstream" remixes Grouch has used (namely Simple Man), but I think its pretty cool. He's got a new group that's gettin some shine on this cd, but one to two tracks would've been ample exposure. CMA joint "My Chick" might get some hate from Grouch fans, but I think its funny as f@ck. Anyway, if you're a big Grouch fan you might want to check this out. Just keep your expectations reasonable as it is SAMPLER/compilation.

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