Atmosphere - When Life Gives You... CD

Atmosphere - When Life Gives You... CDAtmosphere
Label: Rhymesayers Entertainment
Year: 2008
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Format: CD

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It's finally here! The 6th official full length studio album from Atmosphere! Over the years Slug and Ant's sound has attracted fans by the hundreds of thousands and as they quickly came to rise as one of the most well known indie hip hop groups this decade. Evolving their sound and taking their act on the road has aged and matured the artists and helped mold their style. Slug's brilliant wordplay and Ant's unique production have taken on many different forms and continue to attract new listeners with heartfelt stories, retrospective ballads, and that straight up chill shit. Some of us can say we remember them way back when, others are closet listeners, and the rest are hypnotized by their charismatic aura. I can definitely imagine how much fun they are having now, even if it goes as far as making an album all the newbies might not understand, as this one has darker content, experimental grooves and a lack of catchy refrains. This isn't pop people, this isn't emo-rap...this is the kind of platform that hip hop needs to slap the MTV generation upside the head, and if that takes two blue collar guys from Minneapolis to do it then by all means...Hats off even goes out to the fans, whom I truly believe this album was intended for. So open your ears, there's probably a song about you on there.

Produced by Ant.

1.Like the Rest of Us
3.The Skinny
5.Shoulda Known
8.Your Glasshouse
11.Mesmorized (B Rock Remix)
12.Wild Wild Horses
13.Can't Break
14.The Waitress
15.In Her Music Box

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4 1/2 Stars (Amazing), March 26, 2009
By: MSarabia1036 - See all my reviews

Pros: Slug sounds doper than ever and Ant is really on it. Nice percussion. No guest.

Cons: Don't expect to like the album that much on the first spin... really wasn't feeling it at first either. By the third time around it really grew on me. I'm still expecting a classic album...

Overall: Four EP's and a free album and Atmosphere is back with there highly anticipated album, When Life Gives You Lemons... For a decade plus Atmosphere has been releasing dope shit and this is absolutely no different from any of there last releases. First off, Slug does not deserve the hate hes been receiving in his steady, and strong, rise to popularity. Bottom line, HE IS one of the best MC's at this point. I will, and have, argue with anyone that says differently. It seems that he has taken on the evolution ladder as he moves forward as a lyricist and story teller, this is probably the most serious I have ever heard him. Its amazing how he comes off mad fresh while delivering everyday situations. The one thing that I really enjoyed from some tracks is that you don't realize who or what the story deals with until the end of the song. Second off, there's really not enough praise that I could give the ex-janitor, Ant, for still managing to be an amazing producer and evolving on this... its actually quiet impressive. It sounds like some if the late 80's were here now. Third... I really enjoyed seeing them live last October and how they use a live band. Its great that they manage to put it on here, its experimental and works masterfully on every track. Five listens later and this is not loosing any steam with me. I'm actually going to take a bet and say that THIS will be the highest selling independent hip hop album ever. I was expecting something great but is actually above my expectations... not bad for a pair of veterans. It appears that the most hated dual wont be going anywhere any time soon, as long they keep dropping dope shit like this.

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