Sole & the Skyrider Band - Sole & the Skyrider Band CD

Sole & the Skyrider Band - Sole & the Skyrider Band CDSole & the Skyrider Band
Label: Anticon
Year: 2007
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Format: CD

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In the past, Sole had primarily worked with producers on his Anticon label such as Alias, Jel, Odd Nosdam and Telephone Jim Jesus for his previous solo albums, but as he searched the world for new meaning in life, new motivation to continue making music, it was a simple twist of fate that would land him back in the states after a brief stay over seas. Along the way he met Bud Berning, a dub drummer and electronic composer recording music under the name Skyrider, intrigued by his sound, while on a short tour in the U.S. Sole later returned to work with Berning and two newly recruited members, John Wagner, a drummer from Tennessee, and multi-talented instrumentalist William Ryan Fritch. Accepting Sole's offer, the band re-located and got to work. Almost instantly they began rigorously recording what would be an entire album, as Sole scrapped ten songs already finished and originally prepared for his next planned release. The voice is familiar, but the sound is all new! This is a return for Sole after Live From Rome was met with mixed reactions, and in a major way this is also a return for Anticon, as Sole is one of their flagship artists. The embattled emcee takes on corporate America, criticism, imperialism and his own inner demons as they toil with dissatisfaction.

1.A Sad Day For Investors click to listen
2.Ghost Assassinating Other Ghosts
3.Nothing Is Free
4.The Bridges, Let Us Down click to listen
5.A Hundred Light Years And Running
6.The Shipwreckers
7.Sound Of Head On Concrete click to listen
9.The Bones Of My Pets
10.In Paradise
11.One Egg Short Of The Omelette click to listen
12.On Cavalry
13.Studid Things Implode On Themselves

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