Telephone Jim Jesus - Anywhere Out Of The... CD

Telephone Jim Jesus - Anywhere Out Of The... CDTelephone Jim Jesus
Label: Anticon
Year: 2007
Price: $14.95
Format: CD

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All new instrumental album from Restiform Bodies beat-head Telephone Jim Jesus. Its been three long years since Anticon gave his A Point Too Far For An Astronaut album a proper release, in the time that passed he helped contribute to other releases from the label, including Sole's Live From Rome, Alias and Tarsier, fellow Bodies members Passage on his Forcefield Kids solo, and a live album with The Bomarr Monk. Touring the country for Anticon billed shows he found himself overseas, soul searching, collecting himself and exlporing the history, ruins, and gothic architecture of Eastern Europe. On his journey back to the United States he even found time to do reconstruction work in hurricane ravaged communities in the aftermath of Katrina. The album speaks volumes instrumentally, and is a musical testament to the inspirations, as well as the devesations he encountered on of his travels.

All songs produced by Telephone Jim Jesus. With contributions from Alias, Alexander Kort (Subtle), The Bomarr Monk, Odd Nosdam, Why? and The Pedestrian.

1.Did You Hear
2.Birdstatic click to listen
3.Ugly Knees
5.Leather & Glue click to listen
6.A Mouth of Fingers
7.Suicide Wings (Birdstatic Remix)
8.Dice Raw
9.Hit By Numbers
10.Faces All Melted click to listen
11.The Castle by the Freeway

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