The Nextmen - This Was Supposed To... CD

The Nextmen - This Was Supposed To... CDThe Nextmen
Label: Antidote Records
Year: 2007
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Format: CD

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The UK's Nextmen started making waves in the underground scene during the late 90's and then finally released their full length solo debut Amongst the Madness back in 2000. Based in North London the Cambridge DJ and producing team have become major players overseas and abroad, working with both UK and U.S. MC's for their second album, Get Over It, in 2003. For their new album This Was Supposed To Be The Future, the duo takes on the sounds of funk, soul and dancehall while roping in some of today's up-and-coming artists like Alice Russell and Kidz in the Hall, while alternately collaborating some classic contemporaries like dub legend Niney the Observer and Streets-like producer/songwriter, LSK.

1.Let It Roll (feat. Alice Russell)
2.Blood Fire (feat. Dynamite MC)
3.Did No Wrong (feat. Dallas)
4.Tuffen Up (feat. LSK)
5.Knowledge Be Born (feat. Kidz In The Hall)
6.Something Got You (feat. Zarif)
7.Concentrate (feat. Dynamite MC)
8.The Drop (feat. Dallas)
9.Let It Be (feat. Niney The Observer)
10.Move (feat. Zarif)
11.Piece Of The Pie (feat. Demolition Man)
12.Camera Tricks (feat. Sway / Bridgette Amofah)
13.Memory Lane (feat. LSK)
14.This Was Supposed To Be The Future (feat. Zarif)

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