J Dilla (Jay Dee) - Jay Deelicious 2xCD

J Dilla (Jay Dee) - Jay Deelicious 2xCDJ Dilla (Jay Dee)
Label: Delicious Vinyl Records
Year: 2007
Price: $11.95
Format: CD

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The Delicious Vinyl years! Jay Dee was only in his early twenties when he was asked to helm the production of Pharcyde's sophomore album, Labcabincalifornia. Though it differed greatly from their debut, the sound of the record showed a greater depth and perhaps served as an incentive for the group to progress lyrically as well as musically. Years after the release, Dilla went on to do big things musically and artistically, but these years were especially important as we watched Mr Yancey grow from a budding young producer to the eventually spearheading the musical phenomenon later titled neo-soul. In his passing Delicious Vinyl has dug in their vaults and pulled out a collection of songs produced for the label between 1995 and 1998, consisting of some tracks from Pharcyde's aforementioned album along with remixes and rarities never before released on CD. Included is a bonus second disc of instrumentals. Deelicious!

Produced by J Dilla.

Disc 1
1.The Pharcyde - 'Runnin'
2.Brand New Heavies - 'Sometimes (Remix)' (feat. Q-Tip) click to listen
3.The Pharcyde - 'Somethin That Means Somethin'
4.The Pharcyde - 'She Said (Remix)' click to listen
5.N Dea Davenport - 'Bullshittin'
6.The Pharcyde - 'Drop'
7.Brand New Heavies - 'Saturday Night (Remix)' (feat. Mos Def) click to listen
8.The Pharcyde - 'Y? (Remix)' click to listen
9.The Pharcyde - 'Bullshit'
10.N Dea Davenport - 'Whatever You Want' click to listen
11.The Pharcyde - 'Splattitorium'
Disc 2
1.The Pharcyde - 'Runnin (instrumental)'
2.Brand New Heavies - 'Sometimes (Remix instrumental)'
3.The Pharcyde - 'Somethin That Means Somethin (instrumental)'
4.The Pharcyde - 'She Said (Remix instrumental)'
5.N'Dea Davenport - 'Bullshittin (instrumental)'
6.The Pharcyde - 'Drop (instrumental)'
7.Brand New Heavies - 'Saturday Night (Remix instrumental)'
8.The Pharcyde - 'Y? (Remix instrumental)'
9.The Pharcyde - 'Bullshit(instrumental)'

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