Joe Dub - Pooretry CD

Joe Dub - Pooretry CDJoe Dub
Label: Asita Recordings
Year: 2007
Price: $11.95
Format: CD

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The third solo full length from Joe Dub of Painkillers, lovebomb Soundclash, Record Players and of course SFSM fame. Featuring a long list of guests including: Topic/NoCanDo/Ellay Khule/Life Rexall/Hugh EMC/Riddlore/2mex/Akuma/Existereo/Mestizo/and many many many many many more!!!!!!!!

Production:Aksim, Matth, Presto, Alex75, Kaliyuga Pro, Deeskee. Cuts: WrongOne, DJ Observ, Ethos, Handprints, Deeskee, DJ Marz.

1.Pooretry Intro
2.Pooretry  click to listen
3.Renegade Music
4.The Dream  (feat. Topic)
5.Fine Wine click to listen
6.The Getdown (feat. Nocando / LifeRexall / Rifleman)
7.Rock It Science
8.Gettin Out click to listen
9.A To Z Boy
10.Saucy (feat. Topic) click to listen
12.Showgirl (feat. 2Mex / Akuma / Mestizo) click to listen
13.12:26 AM  (feat. Alex 75 / Deeskee)
14.Dirty Money (feat. Hugh EMC / Riddlore?)
15.By The Time I Get Home
16.LA2TheBay (feat. Loads of MCs!)

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hella late, but..., April 30, 2015
By: mr.neezie - See all my reviews

Copped this CD some years back and only after checking for more Dub releases did I realize I never put it out there just how fucking dope this CD was/is. I love this album. As EVS's excellent review points out, Joe is really at the top of his game here. Sadly, I haven't found any recent material from him. It sucks that he isn't recognized more for being the talented emcee/producer that he is. Whether you were a Joe Dub fan before or not cop this cd. This is some of his best work right here.

LA2theBay..., November 28, 2007
By: evs - See all my reviews

Let's one thing straight. Though he makes his home in Hawaii, Joe Dub is from Frisco. That said, his latest is nothing short of a Bay classic in the eyes of fans who have followed his musical endeavors over the span of the last decade. Roping in a stellar cast of producers, old favorites and some newer friends, Joe has truly come into his own and delivered his most personal album to date. Soaked in knockin' drums, chopped soul samples, and bass heavy slump, each song cohesively melds into the next, playing out like a time stamp during the last 5 years of his life. From the entrancing melody of 'Fine Wine' to the down and out blues of 'Dirty Money' to the heartfelt city tribute 'By the Time I Get Home,' one thing that resonates with each revisited listen is an appreciation for the calculated simplicity maintained throughout the record.... There's no smoke and mirrors, no abstract concepts, cheap punchlines or hyphy anthems on this one; just straight up rap shit. If 'Summer Fling' was your coming of age anthem, this album should serve as your definitive golden age state of mind.

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