Abstract Tribe Unique - P.A.I.N.T. CD

Abstract Tribe Unique - P.A.I.N.T. CDAbstract Tribe Unique
Label: Battle Axe Records
Year: 2001
Price: $9.95
Format: CD

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Classic!!! One of the best and most influential albums to ever drop into this atmosphere. Ab Rude lays it on thick for us to learn in his world, his classroom. Ab is dope! Production is tight! And with lyricists such as: Grouch, Eligh, Moka Only, Prevail, Slug and Eyedea, this is not one to miss!

All Production by Fat Jack except: 7 by Kenny Seagal, 4 by OD, 5 & 15 by Rob the Viking, 6 by J. Clark, M. Schreyer & J. Leimberg, 10 by Daddy Kev. Cuts: 2 DJ Drez, 16 by On Point DJ's Syndicate & Prolifik, 6 by Rhettmatic & Dr. EZ, 10 by Rhettmatic, 14 by DJ roach.

1.Hey This Must Be Deep! (Intro)
2.Yep! (feat. DJ Drez)
3.Full Time Job (feat. K. Jendayi)
4.Ab Live @ the Goodlife Cafe '93
5.Stop Biting
6.Heavyweights Round 4 (feat. J Smoov / Aceyalone / Neb luv / PEACE)
7.Birds of a Feather
8.Dawning of the AGE (feat. The Grouch / Eligh)
9.Owls and Roosters (feat. Zulu Butterfly Priest)
10.Frisbee (feat. Slug / Eyedea / Busdriver / LMNO / Of Mexican Descent)
11.Killafornia to the Belly (feat. Winston)
12.Abscratchrude Interlude (feat. Kool DJ EQ)
13.Brothers Forever (feat. Zulu Butterfly Priest)
14.M-A-double S (feat. DK Toon / Awol One / Smooth 7 / DJ Roach)
15.She's Always Right (feat. Moka Only / Ndidi Cascade)
16.Sun Sets on 'Em (feat. On Point DJs: Syndicate / Prolifik)
17.Family Affair (feat. K. Jendayi / R. Crosby)
18.A Coat of Paint (Finale)

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