Musab - Slick's Box CD

Musab - Slick's Box CDMusab
Label: Hieroglyphics Imperium
Year: 2007
Price: $12.95
Format: CD

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Newly signed to the Hiero Imperium, Musab re-emerges after a long absence since his Rhymesayer's debut, under the alias Beyond from the underground classic ''Comparison''. The street-smart emcee's claim to fame came from his appearances on Ant's Headshots mixtapes and Atmosphere's Overcast, and would later join Slug, Mr. Gene Poole and I Self Divine for 1998's DynoSPECTRUM album, produced entirely by Ant. After his second solo ''Respect For Life'' was met with only moderate underground success, he eventually parted ways with Rhymesayers over mild creative differences concerning the direction of his next project. His Minnesota Slicks moniker is what he looks at more as a character piece about the tortured soul of a pimp as seen through the eyes of the South-side Minneapolis raised emcee. It can be hard to pull off a free form storytelling album such as this, especially when the listeners mistakenly take it literally, but Musab draws from his own experiences and personal life, and with hip hop he is able to artistically convey this concept in a truthy fashion.

1.Night of Mirage
2.Ay Ay (South Side Accent)
3.Please Do Not Assume
4.I Won't Die
5.I Ain't Even In The NBA
6.Hat & Shoes
7.U Talkin' To Me?!!
9.Confessions of MN Slicks
10.Family Ties
11.I Gots to Get Mine
12.Kool Aid (Gettoe Juice)

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