The Wascals - Greatest Hits 2xCD

The Wascals - Greatest Hits 2xCDThe Wascals
Label: Delicious Vinyl Records
Year: 2007
Price: $12.95
Format: CD

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While Pharcyde's debut album Bizaare Ride II the Pharcyde claimed hundreds of fans with their offbeat humour and loosely delivered wordplay, producer J-Swift diligently worked on bringing another little known group under his wing. The Wascals, MC's Bucwheed, Spit Anky, Alfalfa and St. Imey made their official debut with the single 'The Dips,' in 1994, followed by another single 'Class Clown' before mysteriously fading into thin air. With the group disbanded and the album shelved, these songs were destined to never see the light of day, until now! Dug up from the Delicious Vinyl archives by J-Swift himself and Michael Ross, this double-sided and enhanced disc with bonus tracks, instrumentals and two rare videos, is a historic revisit to the mid 90's complete with jazzy beats and off the wall rhymes.

Produced by J-Swift.

Disc 1
2.Big Shit, Battleship click to listen
3.Class Clown
4.Hard Rhymes click to listen
6.Doggy Style click to listen
7.Bootie Rap
8.Stole the Show click to listen
9.The Dips
10.Dream and Imaginate (feat. Fatlip) click to listen
11.F.U.N. (Alternative Version) click to listen
12.The Dips (On My Jammie Mix)
13.Class Clown (Remix)
14.Imaginate (Xorcism)
15.The Dips (On My Jammie Mix instrumental)
Disc 2
1.Big Shit, Battleship (instrumental)
2.Class Clown (instrumental)
3.Hard Rhymes (instrumental)
4.F.U.N. (instrumental)
5.Doggy Style (instrumental)
6.Bootie Rap (instrumental)
7.Stole the Show (instrumental)
8.The Dips (instrumental)
9.Dream and Imaginate (instrumental)
10.Class Clown (video)
11.The Dips (video)

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