Del the Funky Homosapien - Eleventh Hour CD

Del the Funky Homosapien - Eleventh Hour CDDel the Funky Homosapien
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Year: 2008
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Eight years since its announcement and over three years in the actual making, Hip Hop icon Del The Funky Homosapien finally releases Eleventh Hour! Founder of the mighty Hieroglyphics crew and the alternative choice MC for legions of loyal fans around the world, Del and Hiero have helped shape the genre into new molds over the years, as they are always on the front lines of innovation. With such heavy expectations due to the hiatus - yes, there was a lot of hype...and buzz over-kill, but Del wanted to sit back and do what he does best. Giving the people something different every time.

1.Raw Sewage click to listen
2.Bubble Pop
3.Back In The Chamber
4.Slam Dunk
5.Situations click to listen
6.Naked Fonk
7.Hold Your Hand click to listen
8.Foot Down
9.I'll Tell You click to listen
10.Workin' It
11.Last Hurrah
12.Str8t Up And Down
13.I Got You click to listen
14.Funkyhomosapien click to listen

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RU SERIOUS, July 30, 2008
By: whiteboy84 - See all my reviews

First off I'd like to say that whoever says this album degrades women needs to take a better listen...yeah Del rips some females just like he rips some males...i think his message is clear, he doesn't have time for hoes or anybody in the neighborhood of that train of thought. on another level some tracks on this album maybe beat repetitive and might not have catchy hooks, but content and creativeness don't lack...raw sewage bubble pop back in the chamber hold your hand, workin it funkyhomosapien are all favorite track though is back in the chamber...sounds like tribal rhythm on diesel fuel....future development is probably the best hip hop album ive heard front to back. this doesn't stomp like that, but i think this album wisdom in the facts that its super laid back and not concerned with so called hooks...i been wearin this recording out because there is a lot of subtleness to it. take a few closer listens.

peep game, May 30, 2008
By: sbabayan85 - See all my reviews

my main man diesel's got a lot to say man!

Do it sound coo to youuuu?, April 8, 2008
By: Kpotts - See all my reviews

Del Tha Funky Homosapien, hailing from Oakland, California, has brought a very different influence in the hip-hop genre throughout his career. Everything from his first album, "I Wish My Brother George Was Here," back in 1991 to the newly released "Eleventh Hour" has had a huge influence on fellow MC's to arrange their lyrics in galactic sounding and really just funky way. All of Del's lyrics really tend to reflect on of his own lines "Reality is undisputed / if you say it ain't then you acting stupid." This new Album doesn't break the pattern of everything following that line.

His aim for this album was to show what he thinks about people, people who talk too much about other people's business, people who think they are better than they really are and how to deal with people talking down on you. In the last four years, throughout the time that Del was working on this project, he has had a lot of drama in his life. Everything from critics criticizing his work in extreme ways, to having a crazy stalker of an ex-girlfriend on his tail has influenced his lyrics for "Eleventh Hour".

Throughout his whole career, Del has had to put up with a lot of critics and other people constantly talking down on his style and his projects that he has created. Although their words and articles have been negative, one could argue that the critics and their negative reviews have been a positive contributor to Del's career because he has had something to fuel his music. Some hip-hop fans say that everything from Del's first career album, "I Wish My Brother George Was Here," to this brand new album, has had a different sound to them than anything else on the shelves. However these people have over looked one artist, Dr. Octagon. Kool Keith is the rapper behind the mysterious mind-boggling lyrics coming from the mouth of Dr. Octagon, who has the same type of feel to his music that Del does. Both artists have wild and crazy cosmic or out of this world-sounding beats mixed with uncanny rolling lyrics that describe new worlds and extreme almost weird situations.

As I sat down to watch Del's "Eleventh Hour" DVD I noticed Del making comments on his songs that he created for the music group called "Gorillas," which are the only the only projects critics haven't purred negativity on. I find this funny because I took note to Del saying that he had thrown those songs together in a very short time, but they are still where the majority of his money flow is still currently coming from. With all this in mind what kind of reviews could you expect from critics for this new album by Del

The Album starts off with a song called, "Raw Sewage," a song about what Del is in a nutshell, everything that he stands for and everything about Del being himself no matter what the situation is, with opening lines like:

[Salutations/ Now You Facin'/ A Real Nigga/ D-E-L, I don't Feel Bigga/ Up Here on stage man I keep it real witcha'/ I'm here to entertain y'all.]

In these album kicking off lines Del has already stated that he stays true to himself and does not think he is better than his fans, that he doing what he is doing to simply provide entertainment, which has always been that vibe that I have gotten from Del's music. "Raw Sewage" is followed up by a song called "Bubble Pop" which attacks people in the world that think that they are better than other people in the world with this choppy repeating chorus:
[Why do you think you are all that/ You Ain't].

As the tracks keep coming, I was surprised and kind of confused that there was not a song about any other worlds or spaceships, nothing out of this world. This has me wondering if I was going to be in favor of this album or not. The next song that stuck out to me was "Workin' It" which appeared late in the CD, This song has a cosmic wave sounding noise that comes in and fades out repeatedly throughout the song. This makes the beat sound like something would come from one of his earlier albums "Both sides of the Brain." The beats on that album were very thick with sonic layers that got so busy it was almost too distracting and the listener could have trouble focusing to what Del was saying in his raps.

The Album really comes alive in the final tracks of the CD and shows the listener that he may be 36 years old but he can still lace some quality tracks together. It wasn't until the last track on the whole CD that I finally realized what Del wanted to do with this album. The last track named "Funkyhomosapien," which is probably the best on the album has the same old Del vibe with his patented in your face but at the same time relaxed flowing over a boppy horns and a heavy bass-line. This is what the rest of the CD was missing, Del made the beats for the all of the songs except for two of the last five, and to me the beginning of the album was filled with plain and simple beats that lacked necessary energy to keep the listener interested trough the entire track. Non-the less the CD closes with a great song that showed Del having fun and ripping the microphone. Newer Del listeners may find this album to be a lost cause, but the true Del fans with find yet another great album that was well worth the long wait.

What the funk!?, March 28, 2008
By: Gfunk - See all my reviews

Don't get me wrong, Del is one of the most innovative and original rappers in the game. That being said, I've grown accustomed to his ability to spit ferocious and create thought provoking lyrics. He has also proven himself to be a dope producer with his funky bangers on "Both Sides of the Brain". Del's newest offering is leaving much to be desired for me. Very few of these tracks truly slump in my opinion. The production often seems plain or repetitious, and sometimes even congested. Many of the hooks are dull, and there is little stand out lyricism to take in. Perhaps Del has raised the bar too high for himself, leaving long time listeners little leeway for anything falling short of an epic release. I'm not getting used to having to flip through Del tracks, and this album doesn't seem to be growing on me. The album isn't horrible, but it sounds surprisingly average after being in the works for so long.

D-E-L Real, March 22, 2008
By: zuzu2 - See all my reviews

Bottom line... the album is a work of art. It has an old school style with a progressive mix of beats and solid lyrics. You can feel the effort that he put into this album. It's considerably different than his other works, but it's every bit as good. All these years later, he still sets a standard that other MC's can't match.

Solid, Simple, Hip Hop...No Less, March 21, 2008
By: gmo - See all my reviews

The much anticipated and hyped comeback album from Del the Funky Homosapien is a solid offering. Although fans that yearn for Del to return to the older styles he has become known for (sample heavy, complex, tripped out storytelling) may be a bit surprised. Del is evolving and making a concerted effort to simplify his sound on 11th Hour. Evidence of this can be found all through the album (take for example the lead single: "Workin It" or the banger, "Situations"). However, "simple" is not synonymous with "simple-minded". Del has been through a lot, and he wants to tell you about it, in the most direct way he knows how. Old fans of the Funky one are being introduced to a new Del here; an older, more calculating musician. This album is not a "magnum opus". But we get the feeling while listening that this was never really the intention of 11th Hour. That's not what "Funk" is about. Funk is dirty, funk is stanky, funk just comes right out of you. This is just music...Del's music...enjoy it!

Very disappointing (2 stars), March 14, 2008
By: alanp0099 - See all my reviews

This may be the most forgettable album I've heard yet this year. The beats are average at best. And Del can't write a hook to save his life. The lyrical content is well below average. Nothing about this disc grabs your attention. 8 years and this is what we get? Behold! Del's first weak album!

disappointed, March 11, 2008
By: thorntonsean152 - See all my reviews

This album is a huge change for Del. The musical production of the album proves stellar, but what is with his continue verbal assault on WOMEN within each track. Unfortunately I am giving him too much credit he does not know how to use the word WOMEN only aggressive sexist language. It is disgusting that he dehumanizes them based on their gender. Del is a huge member of the hip hop movement, I am sorry to see him being plagued with a huge problem many MEN in this entire world seem to fail at; which is giving WOMEN respect.
Respect Hip Hop!

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