The Beatnuts - Stone Crazy CD

The Beatnuts - Stone Crazy CDThe Beatnuts
Label: Loud Records
Year: 1997
Price: $11.95
Format: CD

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In celebration of the recently released Big City (Psycho Les, Al-Tariq and Problemz) we are proud to bring back one of the most slept on albums of 1997! Stone Crazy was the Beatnuts' second full length album, released three years after Street Level. In the time that had passed Kool Fashion (aka Al-Tariq) left the group to pursue his solo career and became a devout Muslim, but Ju-Ju and Les came back with one truly hardcore album that put it light years ahead of their previous releases. In a time when most hip hop artists knew that the heydays of rap seemed to be coming to an end as the industry started to lean in a direction more concerned with making Puffy-type money rather than making good music. From the very get go, this album is a head-nodder from start to finish! After an incredible introduction it leads right into several popular singles off the release (still to this day) like ''Find That'' ''Do You Believe'' and ''Off the Books'' which featured the highly acclaimed arrival of the late Big Punisher (RIP)! Laced with strangely beautiful instrumental interludes and saving the humorous raunchy stuff for the end with ''Give Me The Ass'' and ''Strokes''...Stone Crazy is a no holds barred and in-your-face classic!

1.World Famous
2.Bless The M.I.C. (feat. Gab Gacha)
4.Here's A Drink
5.Off The Books (feat. Big Punisher / Cuban Link)
6.Be Proud/Interlude
7.Do You Believe?
8.Finger Smoke
9.Stone Crazy
10.N*ggaz Know
11.Horny Horns
12.Find That
13.Supa Supreme
14.Thinkin 'Bout Cash (feat. Hostyle / The Poet)
16.Give Me Tha Ass
17.Strokes (feat. Horny Man)

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