Brother Reade - Rap Music CD

Brother Reade - Rap Music CDBrother Reade
Label: Record Collection
Year: 2007
Price: $11.95
Format: CD

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MC Jimmy Jamz and producer/DJ Bobby Evans bring the missing link between big beats and well versed rhymes, dispelling the common misconception that good records can't have a commercially sound backbone. The Los Angeles-via-North Carolina duo combine elements of dirty south, club bangers and indie-inspired melodies, with the lyrical gusto of a seasoned rhyme spitter. Over the course of the album's 15 tracks, Jamz earns himself credit with the listener as a proper lyricist but also has enough ease to not take himself so seriously. Together they've created an album that will sit comfortably next to your Rhymesayers, Mickey Avalon and Plastic Little records, with the unlikely necessity need to file it in the guilty pleasures bin.

1.Rap Music Intro
2.Let's Go click to listen
3.Life Ain't Easy For Ya'll click to listen
4.About That Rock
5.Breakneck Interlude
6.Baby It Pays
7.The Marcie Song click to listen
8.Work Ain't For Players
9.Everywhere I Go click to listen
10.Man of Steel
11.Like Duh click to listen
12.Stop, Drop
13.Gimme the Cash
14.Can't Get Moving Interlude
15.The Loft Party Classics

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