Shape of Broad Minds - Craft of the Lost Art CD

Shape of Broad Minds - Craft of the Lost Art CDShape of Broad Minds
Label: Lex Records
Year: 2007
Price: $13.95
Format: CD

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Essentially the brainchild of Jneiro Jarel, Shape of Broad Minds is a meeting of the minds, so to speak, conceptually, musically and metaphorically. Anyone that picked up and enjoyed Dr. Who Dat's 'Beat Journey' are in for another magnificent gem. Consisting of members Jneiro Jarel as Dr. Who Dat?, Panama Black, Jawwaad and Rocque Wun, 'Craft of the Lost Art' is both a homage to the old and the new. From the awe-inspiring coming of age dazzler 'Changes,' to the simple proclamation of 'It Ain't Dead!!' as well as the aptly titled 'Lullabanger,' Jneiro and co. have managed to combine elements of jazz, Detroit-inspired bounce, electronic space age melodies and deft rhyming all under one umbrella. Pulsating rhythms carry the meandering vocals, which sound like they are speaking from a new age Babylon. Though it also boasts some commendable guest appearances, what makes this album exciting with each listen is the unique vision, where lyrical content and delivery seem to spout a refreshing innocence, similar to a 23 year old time in the prime of his confidence, without ever alienating the listener. The Shape of Broad Minds is one of the best alter-ego super-crews you've never heard of. As stated by Jneiro himself, 'We gon' take you to the future...'

1.Gorilla Mash
2.Light Years Away
3.Let's Go (feat. MF Doom) click to listen
4.Changes click to listen
5.Nahuma (Interlude)
7.BuddaFly Away
9.It Lives On (feat. Count Bass D)
10.So Much (Chaos) (feat. Lil Sci) click to listen
11.Buzz Around Town
12.They Don't Know (feat. Stacy Epps)
13.Bopper Blocker
14.Electric Blue click to listen
15.Mermaid (Outro)
16.It Ain't Dead!!
17.Beast From Da East
18.Lullabanger (Thelonious Dedication)
19.Viberian Sun click to listen
20.There 4 Me
21.Stiff Robots And Drunken Horses
22.Solo (Underwater) (feat. Deborah Jordan) click to listen

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