Living Legends - Broke Ass Summer Jam 2006 DVD+CD

Living Legends - Broke Ass Summer Jam 2006 DVD+CDLiving Legends
Label: 2B1
Year: 2007
Price: $13.95
Format: DVD+CD

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First ever DVD and all around official release of a Broke Ass Summer Jam concert! In the early 90's, our heroes BFAP and PSC, who of course were then known as The Mystik Journeymen, became local legends by throwing underground shows and house parties at their loft on 4001 San Leandro Street in East Oakland. These semi private/public events at their pad were dubbed as the Underground Survivor Shows, but it was later on in 1995 that Sunspot Jonz and Luckyiam would establish Broke Ass Summer Jam, as a direct response to a similarly titled Bay Area radio station concert simply known as Summer Jam, a major music event that neglected to represent local artists. For almost 15 years now, BASJ has become the premier West Coast underground hip hop event. Recorded live and filmed in 2006 and presented in HD format, this 2 disc set comes with the full-length dvd clocking in at 100mins and the CD which runs over 70mins, features performances by the Living Legends, Micah 9, Saafir, Aplus and more, with special features that include interviews and bios. If you've never had the chance to attend, you can now experience it for the first time with this release...Legends, baby!

Disc 1
1.Over 82 minutes featuring performances and interviews from LL, Bored Stiff, Z-Man, Micah 9 and more!
Disc 2
1.Rabbit Hole (intro)
2.Simple Man
3.24 Hrs. with a G
4.I'ma Do This!
5.Check out my Audio / freestyle
7.We Will Destroy You
8.Mercury Rising (short)
11.The Next
12.Can't Take the Drama
14.Coincidence (to find you)
15.You Can Feel This
16.Firefly Rebellion / Beatbox
18.Bizarro freestyle
19.Piano Lesson / Escape Forever medley
20.Nothing Changing
22.The Jerry Maguire Song
23.The Best (You Neva Heard Ov)
24.U Might Knock This...
25.Never Forget
26.Mercury Rising (full)

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