Blu & Exile - Below the Heavens CD

Blu & Exile - Below the Heavens CDBlu & Exile
Label: Sound In Color
Year: 2007
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Format: CD

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West Coast emcee Blu's much sought-after 2007 debut album is finally available again in 2014! Producer Exile provides a lush, soulful and striking backdrop to propel Blu's stories of childhood reflection, everyday struggles and aspirations. With the balance of these two talented individuals in the mix, there's no doubt this is truly a release worth your immediate attention.

1.My World Is...
2.The Narrow Path
3.Simply Amazin' (Steel Blazin') (feat. Ta'Raach)
4.Juice n' Dranks
5.In Remembrance
6.Blu Collar Worker
7.Dancing in the Rain
8.First Things First (feat. Miguel Jontel)
9.Greater Love
10.Good Life (feat. Aloe Blacc / Joseph)
11.Soul Rising
12.Cold Hearted (feat. Miguel Jontel)
13.The World Is... (Below the Heavens)
14.You are Now in the Clouds With (The Koochie Monstas) (feat. Miguel Jontel)
15.I Am Blu
16.(CD only bonus track tba)
17.(CD only bonus track tba)
18.(CD only bonus track tba)

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4 Stars (Solid), March 26, 2009
By: MSarabia1036 - See all my reviews

Pros: Great lyrics to go along with some very dope beats.

Cons: Few average beats. Not really consistent it goes from great to good from time to time.

Overall: This is what I am calling "The Surprise of the Year" as this album is fucking great. This was the first time I ever heard of Blu and/or Exile. Lyrically the album is extremely on point, Blu delivers a lot of "everyday living" lyrics on here. He keeps me coming back for more, as hes a very straight forward MC. Production wise Exile gives tons of dope beats such as on: The Narrow Path, Soul Amazin, and Dancing in the Rain, to name a few. Exile also gives some average beats here and there and it just kills the vibe that the album has from time to time. The main reason I keep coming back is Blu, hes just so fucking dope with a very bright future at only being 22. Personally, he will be up there, if he continues with dope streaks, with the greats in some years from now.

P.S. Too bad I see its out of print... :|

Slammin' With Sophistication, October 9, 2007
By: alanp0099 - See all my reviews

It's been a good year for hip-hop, and even better for underground hip-hop. I've been keeping close tabs on all the hip-hop that has dropped thus far in 2007, and I can assure you that Blu & Exile "Below the Heavens" will be in my interchangeable top 3 for the year; sitting comfortably beside Blue Scholars and Polyrhythm Addicts.

Blu & Exile are an underground duo from Los Angeles. These two share a bond on par with Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth. And although I shouldn't pump the album this hard, I truly feel this is a classic in the making.

MC Blu represents what an emcee in 2007 should be - introspective, intelligent, hungry, and soulful. Not only does he have a powerful flow, but his lyrics are on point like no other, touching on nearly every topic at hand. The alluring thing about him is his modesty. The 22-year old emcee writes lyrics in a self-deprecating and humble fashion, and truly sounds like an old soul who's messages teach life lessons. However, he never tries to "teach" them. Instead he's just sharing his thoughts and making clear observations for solutions, or lack thereof. Tracks like "So(ul) Amazin'", "Blu Colla Workers", & "No Greater Love" are prime examples of his highly conscious style.

The mastermind behind these beautiful soundscapes is the remarkable talent of Exile. I will definitely be watching for this guy in the upcoming years, as I think rappers will be knocking down doors in search of his beats. The jazzy and soulful backdrop compliments Blu perfectly. And although it's nothing groundbreaking, his style is so varied and consistent, that you won't find a stinker in the bunch. My favorite joints here would have to be "In Remembrance of Me" & "Show Me the Good Life" featuring Aloe Blacc, Joseph. The former boasts breath-taking production that has me reaching for the rewind button constantly.

All in all, I believe this is the album that Common wishes he could've made this year. And although their styles are similar, "Below the Heavens" surpasses it in every way - flow, beats,'s all here in untouchable form. Heads need to wake up and peep out one of 2007's best!

Oh my god!!!, September 27, 2007
By: Nasty - See all my reviews

I havent been this excited about an album in years. #1 this is Exiles best work to date by far. Exile is the producer to watch in the next 5 years for sure. I could see him blowing up big time. He has a sound I've been looking for. And Blu is rediculous. Who is this kid? His voice, his flow, his delivery, his content, he has a young and hungry feel to him but also a maturity that you usually dont see in such a young Emcee on their first release. I expect huge thing from both of these cats in the future.

I've been saying this since this album came out but album of '07 for sure.

Great Album., August 24, 2007
By: Blame One - See all my reviews

As a young emcee with his many albums yet to come, blu has managed to set the bar for many emcees in the game right now. Gives you the type of feeling you had when you first heard tribe or de la. Exile comes with nothing short of top notch production. A modern classic in my opinion. Don't sleep.

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