DJ Neil Armstrong - Return to D-Day CDR

DJ Neil Armstrong - Return to D-Day CDRDJ Neil Armstrong
Label: 5th Platoon
Year: 2007
Price: $6.95
Format: CDR

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In his continuing series of showcasing DJs and mixtapes that might have not gotten their proper shine, DJ Neil Armstrong returns with the second installment of his Certified Majestic series, entitled Return to D-Day. You get a Rawkus-esque mix (we're talking late 90's here) from DJ Daddy Dog & Doboy dropping classic cuts from Talib Kweli, Missin Linx, OC, Big L, High & Mighty, 7L & Esoteric, Necro, Pete Rock and plenty more where those came from! As always, Neil drops a short mix of his own after the initial mix. DOPE!

1.Daddy's Lil Intro
2.Talib Kweli - 'Manifesto'
3.Missin Linx - 'MIA'
4.Cocoa Brovaz - 'Won on Won (DD Remix)'
5.DITC - 'Dignified Soldiers'
6.Non Phixion - 'I Shot Reagan'
7.Dynasty - 'Poisonous Youth'
8.J-Treds - 'Praise Due'
9.OC - 'Times Up'
10.Encore - 'Ice Age'
11.Ras Kass - 'Waterproof'
12.Black Moon - 'War Zone (DD Remix)'
13.Big L - 'Ebonics'
14.Show & AG - 'Drop It Heavy'
15.Rakim - 'Guess Who's Back (DD Remix)'
16.Big L - 'Size Em Up'
17.Black Star - 'Definition'
18.Common - 'I Used to Love HER (DD Remix)'
19.Necro - 'Cockroaches'
20.Styles of Beyond - 'Styles of Beyond'
21.KRS-One & Truck Turner - 'Cypher Street'
22.High & Mighty - 'B-Boy Document'
23.Swollen Members - 'Strength'
24.Kool G Rap - 'Foul Cats'
25.Pete Rock - 'Tru Master'
26.Medina Green - 'Fa La Lashe'
27.Network Reps - 'Dos Collabo'
28.7L & Esoteric - 'Def Rhymes'
29.Brainsick - 'It's My Thang'
30.Siah & Yeshua - 'Transatlantic'
31.De La Soul & Pete Rock - 'Stay Away'
32.The Pharcyde - 'Manifest'
33.DJ Neil Armstrong Bonus Set

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