Various Artists - Now-Again Re:Sounds 7x7"

Various Artists - Now-Again Re:Sounds 7x7"Various Artists
Label: Now-Again Records
Year: 2007
Price: $16.95
Format: Vinyl

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Now-Again Records does it up proper-like, delving into the magnificent world of soul and funk, twisting and turning knobs until it's been turned upside down! Remixes, and revamps from fan favorites such as Edan, Guilty Simpson, Quasimoto, Koushik and Aloe Blacc, paired alongside the originals from Amnesty, Heliocentrics, Timothy McNealy and Roe-O-Tation. Set of seven 7'' inch singles released as a nifty box set. Some tracks on these singles are not available on the CD, so cover all bases with this purchase. Believe us, this is one of the best releases out! Essential listening!

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1.Guilty Simpson - 'Before I Die (previously unreleased)' click to listen
2.The Heliocentrics - 'Before I Die (instrumental)'
3.Edan - 'Sagittarius Rapp' click to listen
4.Timothy McNealy - 'Sagittarius Black'
5.Egon - 'Reverse Part 2.5 (Koushik's Apples & Oranges Remix) (previously unreleased)'
6.Koushik - 'Reverse Part 2.5 (Koushik's Apples & Oranges Remix instrumental)'
7.Quasimoto - 'Rapp Cats Pt. 3'
8.The Roe-O-Tation - 'Special Category'
9.Aloe Blacc - 'Blind World (previously unreleased)'
10.Aloe Blacc - 'Blind World (instrumental)'
11.Koushik - 'Too Much Tenderness (previously unreleased)'
12.Koushik - 'Shooting Stars'
13.Amnesty - 'Trouble Will Remain'
14.Sound in Light - 'Free Your Mind (previously unreleased)'

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