Various Artists - Now-Again Re:Sounds CD

Various Artists - Now-Again Re:Sounds CDVarious Artists
Label: Now-Again Records
Year: 2007
Price: $13.95
Format: CD

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Now-Again Records does it up proper-like, delving into the magnificent world of soul and funk, twisting and turning knobs until it's been turned upside down! Remixes, revamps and re-edits from fan favorites such as Edan, Cut Chemist, J Rocc, Guilty Simpson, Koushik, Aloe Blacc, paired alongside rarities from Detroit Sex Machines, Kashmere Stage Band, LA Carnival, Amnesty and Leon Mitchison. Believe us, this is one of the best releases out! Essential listening!

1.Koushik - 'Cold Beats' (feat. Percee P) click to listen
2.Aloe Blacc - 'Blind World (previously unreleased)'
3.LA Carnival - 'Blind Man (Cut Chemist Remix)'
4.Cut Chemist - 'Blind Man (Rap Version)' (feat. MED)
5.Edan - 'Sagittarius Rapp' click to listen
6.Guilty Simpson - 'Before I Die (previously unreleased)' click to listen
7.Egon - 'Reverse Part 2.5 (Koushik's Apples & Oranges Remix) (previously unreleased)'
8.J Rocc - 'Cold Heat Funk Mix 1'
9.Detroit Sex Machines - 'Rap It Together/Funky Crawl (J Rocc's Edit)' click to listen
10.Oh No - 'Kashmere Bonus Beats'
11.Kashmere Stage Band - 'I Wish (Todd Terry Remix)'
12.Kashmere Stage Band - 'Super Strut Pt 1 (Kenny Dope Remix)'
13.Leon Mitchison - 'Street Scene (Female Vocal Version)' click to listen
14.Amnesty - 'Trouble Will Remain (Truth & Soul Remix) (previously unreleased)'
15.Sound in Light - 'Free Your Mind (previously unreleased)'
16.Kashmere Stage Band - 'Ain't No Sunshine (J Rocc Remix)' click to listen
17.Koushik - 'Too Much Tenderness (previously unreleased)'

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