Thee More Shallows - Book Of Bad Breaks CD

Thee More Shallows - Book Of Bad Breaks CDThee More Shallows
Label: Anticon
Year: 2007
Price: $14.95
Format: CD

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As with more recent releases on Anticon, take note, Thee More Shallows is more mid-tempo indie rock and not exactly what you might be used to from the record label. But to anyone who enjoyed SJ Esau or Bracken, this is something worth checking out. The San Francisco based group has openly said that they feel like they had too much freedom on their last release, More Deep Cuts, three years to be exact, and that this time around they wanted a limited amount of instruments and a deadline in place, so that they could go with their first instincts on each song. Having begun the initial sessions with just a casio keyboard, distortion pedal and an acoustic guitar. Later on incorporating drums, violin and breaks (courtesy of Odd Nosdam), TMS creates a moving cinematic-like sound that boasts of rich pop atmospheres and progressive depth. In the coin-ing of more terms to describe their music it has also been called sadcore or slowcore...we like to think that aside from hip hop there is still plenty of room on our site to carry music like this, no matter what you want to call it.

1.D. Shallow
2.Eagle Rock click to listen
3.The Dutch Fist
4.Night at the Knight School click to listen
5.Int 1
6.Proud Turkeys click to listen
7.Int 2
8.Fly Paper
9.Int 3
10.Oh Yes, Another Mother
11.The White Mask click to listen
12.Chrome Caps
13.Mo Deeper

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