Alias - Collected Remixes 2xLP

Alias - Collected Remixes 2xLPAlias
Label: Anticon
Year: 2007
Price: $16.95
Format: Vinyl

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A hand picked collection of remixes from some of Alias' rare and more recent work. With over 5 full-length albums, several EP's and collaborations, Anticon's mc/producer has not showed signs of slowing down as he even provided production work on Sage Francis' latest album and will be appearing on tour with him this summer. Alias has definitely widened his musical palette over the last few years, semi-retiring his vocals in favor of developing his output into a more progressive sounding mesh of electronic programming and lush soundscapes. Lending his abilities and unique approach to some very diverse artists, Collected Remixes is perfect for understanding where Alias is coming from lately, and his work as a producer over the last few years has taken his career to new heights. Some names you may recognize, others may draw a blank, but the truth is it all stems from Alias' beats and you will certainly feel right at home...but who knows, you just might become a fan of some of the other artists.

1.What You Gave Away (Remix for The One AM Radio)  click to listen
2.Into the Trees (Remix for 13 & God)
3.Exodus Damage (Remix for John Vanderslice)
4.Marsh of Epidemics (Remix for Christ)
5.Alienation (Remix for Lali Puna)  click to listen
6.Clue (Remix for Lunz)
7.Stay Awake (Remix for Boy in Static)
8.Crush (Remix for Lucky Pierre)  click to listen
9.Given Ground (Remix for Giardini Di Miro)
10.Karmic Retribution/Funny Sticks (Remix for Sixtoo) click to listen
11.9:24 Cigarette (Version 2) by Alias & Tarsier)

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