Buckwild - DITC: Rare Studio Masters 2xCD

Buckwild - DITC: Rare Studio Masters 2xCDBuckwild
Label: Ground Floor Recordings
Year: 2007
Price: $18.95
Format: CD

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Rare and unreleased songs and remixes from the vault of Diggin' in the Crates' producer extraordinaire Buckwild. This is the closest thing you'll get to a time machine back to the good old days. Double disc of classics. This purchase is a no brainer.

Produced by Buckwild.

Disc 1
1.Channel Live - 'Mad Izm (Original Remix)' (feat. KRS-One)
2.Nas - 'Life's a Bitch (Remix #1)' (feat. AZ)
3.Artifacts - 'C'Mon Wit Da Git Down (Remix)' (feat. Busta Rhymes)
4.Lord Finesse - 'Hip 2 Da Game (Remix)' click to listen
5.Brand Nubian - 'Word is Bond (Remix)'
6.Beastie Boys - 'Get It Together (Remix)' (feat. Q-Tip)
7.Jemini the Gifted One - 'Scars & Pain'
8.AK Skills - 'Nights of Fear'
9.Big L - 'MVP (Remix #1) (unreleased)'
10.Funkdoobiest - 'Rock On (Remix)' click to listen
11.Ill Biskits - 'A Better Day (unreleased)'
12.Grand Puba - 'I Like It (Remix)' (feat. Sadat X)
13.Resevoir Doggs - 'Back to Berth'
14.Kool Keith - 'Yo Black (Remix)'
15.FATAL Fountain - 'All About Wars'
16.OC - 'Burn Me Slow' click to listen
17.Little Indian - 'One Little Indian (Remix)' (feat. The Foreigner)
18.Chubb Rock - 'What a Year (unreleased)'
19.Mike Zoot - 'Live & Stink'
Disc 2
1.Organized Konfusion - 'Bring It On (Remix)' click to listen
2.Show & Ag - 'You Know Now (Remix)'
3.Bushwackas - 'Caught Up in the Game'
4.Guru - 'Respect the Architect (Remix)'
5.Tha Alkaholiks - 'Daaam! (Remix)'
6.Street Smartz - 'Problemz' click to listen
7.Brand Nubian - 'Rockin' It (Remix)'
8.Big L - 'MVP (Remix #2) (unreleased)'
9.Black Sheep - 'North South East West (Remix) (unreleased)'
10.Jemini the Gifted One - 'Story of My Life'
11.Diamond D - 'You Can't Front' (feat. Sadat X / Lord Finesse)
12.Nas - 'Life's a Bitch (Remix #2)' (feat. AZ)
13.Sadat X - 'The Lump Lump (Nubian Mix)' (feat. Grand Puba / Lord Jamar)
14.Special Ed - 'Lyrics (Remix)'
15.Channel Live - 'Mad Izm (95 Remix)' click to listen
16.Lace Da Booms - 'Cut That Weak Shit (Remix)' (feat. Kwaze Modee / Royal Flush)
17.OC - 'Love Child (unreleased)'
18.Rakim - 'Guess Who's Back (Remix)'
19.Resevoir Doggs - 'The Difference'
20.Mystidious Misfitss - 'I Be (Remix)'

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