Sage Francis - Human the Death Dance 2xLP

Sage Francis - Human the Death Dance 2xLPSage Francis
Label: Epitaph Records
Year: 2007
Price: $16.95
Format: Vinyl

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Sage Francis is back! His second album with Epitaph and third full-length solo album overall, you can probably already guess that it is a very personal affair and very much unafraid to touch on any subject. Finding his place in hip hop hasn't been easy but his fanbase continues to grow and each album is more progressive than the last, which always grabs the attention of critics. With a major nationwide tour already underway, the buzz has been pouring in. One of the most anticipated releases of the year and sure to satisfy fans both old and new. With production by Buck 65, Alias, Sixtoo, Odd Nosdam, Ant and more! Including some interesting work with film composer Mark Isham (Crash), that will appear on the upcoming film, Pride and Glory.

Track 1 arranged by Sage Francis. Track 2 Produced by Odd Nosdam. 3 Produced by Mr. Cooper with scratches by Reanimator and live show audio provided by Todd Mazer. Track 4 Produced by Buck 65 with additional fiddle and vocals by Jolie Holland as arranged by Tom Inhaler, harmonica by Nathan Harrop. Tracks 5 and 11 written and performed by Mark Isham. Track 6 Produced by Alias with additional intro vocal samples by Eaters and synth by Christopher Sneddon. 7 Produced by Alias. Track 8 Produced by Sixtoo with additional vocal sample arrangement by Sage Francis and Bernard Dolan. Track 9 Produced by Ant with outro Evel Jump vocal provided by Bernard Dolan. Track 10 Produced by Alias with outro vocals by Buddy Wakefield. Track 12 Produced by Big Cats! with additional vocals by Jolie Holland. Track 13 Produced by Kurtis SP with outro vocals by Buddy Wakefield. Track 14 Produced by Miles Bonny with scratches by DJ Orator and additional vocal sample courtesy of Roughneck Jihad of Third Sight. Beats and scratches on Tr

1.Growing Pains
2.Underground For Dummies click to listen
3.Civil Obedience
4.Got Up This Morning click to listen
5.Good Fashion
6.Clickety Clack click to listen
7.Midgets & Giants
9.High Step click to listen
10.Keep Moving
12.Black Out on White Night
13.Hell of a Year
14.Call Me Francois
15.Hoofprints in the Sand click to listen
16.Going Back to Rehab

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