Bleubird - Rip U$A 2xLP

Bleubird - Rip U$A 2xLPBleubird
Label: Endemik Music
Year: 2007
Price: $18.95
Format: Vinyl

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Canadian ''post-rap'' MC Bleubird drops his latest release. Somewhere between the musical marriage of Anticon and El-P (how's that for irony), fans will definitely draw comparisons. Contributions and appearances from Subtitle, Sole, Alias and Maker amongst others.

Tracks 1 and 7 Produced by INSTRUMENTS. Track 2 and 18 Produced by LUWUTE. Track 3 Prod. by Nuccini. Track 4 Prod. by Maker. Tracks 5 and 6 Prod. by Alias. Tracks 8,11 and 13 Prod. by Skyrider and Sole. Track 12 Produced and Mixed by Shortfacedbear. Tracks 9,15 and 16 Produced by Scott da Ross. Track 10 by The Chocolate Gangster. Track 17 Prod. by Skyrider. Sitar on Track 8 played by Ryan Fritch with Bass by David Pastorious. Guitar and Organ on Track 11 played by Ryan Fritch with additional backup vocals by Filkoe176. Cello, Violin and Mandolin on Track 13 played by Ryan Fritch with Bass by David Pastorious. Guitar and other instruments on Track 14 played by Ryan Fritch. Cuts by Scott da Ross on Track 1 with additional sampling by Bleubird. Samples on Track 15 provided by Nuccini. Banjo, Vibraphone and Guitar played by Ryan Fritch with Drums by John Wagner and Bass by Bud Berning. Cuts on Track 18 by DJ Syah.

1.Rip U$A
3.Very Beautiful Dangerous Joke
6.Hell Country
7.Drunk On Movement
8.Kill Guys
9.Everything Up (feat. Subtitle)
10.United Nonsense
11.I Make Weird
12.Duct Tape Rub[bear]room
13.Black Hawk Down (feat. Sole)
14.Dads Cheek (feat. Filkoe176)
15.Motivational Speaking
16.Playing Dressup (feat. Filkoe176)
17.God's Guns (feat. Jim Wurster)
18.Walk It Off (vinyl only cut)

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