Lord Finesse - Funky Technician CD

Lord Finesse - Funky Technician CDLord Finesse
Label: Wild Pitch Recordings
Year: 1990
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Format: CD

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1.Lord Finesse's Theme Song Intro
2.Baby, You Nasty (new version)
3.Funky Technician
4.Back to Back Rhyming (feat. AG)
5.Here I Come
6.Slave To My Soundwave
7.I Keep the Crowd Listening (feat. Grandpa Finesse)
8.Bud Mutha
9.Keep It Flowing (feat. AG)
10.Lesson to be Taught
11.Just a Little Something
12.Strictly For the Ladies (feat. Patricia Chocolate)
13.Track the Movement
14.Baby, You Nasty

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Pure Unclassified Dopeness - 100% Masterpiece, March 7, 2008
By: alanp0099 - See all my reviews

Founder of the phenomenal Diggin' In The Crates Crew (D.I.T.C.), Lord Finesse will arguably be the sickest punch line emcee you will ever hear. In my opinion, no emcee can match Finesse's microphone dexterity. No emcee can match his lyrical endurance. And I dare you to find an emcee with superior wordplay. No, you've never quite heard an emcee lace a beat quite like Finesse. The only comparable emcees in terms of skill would be Rakim & Big Daddy Kane. His multi-syllable verses are among the elite. A hip-hop head not owning this classic album is like an R&B fan not owning Marvin Gaye "What's Going On".

Finesse & DJ Mike Smooth signed to the legendary Wild Pitch Records in 1989, and in 1990 they dropped "Funky Technician" on the scene like a ton of bricks. The producer lineup is ill - DJ Premier, Diamond D, Showbiz, and of course the scathing DJ Mike Smooth.

This album is a wildly boisterous and exciting ride. It doesn't creep up on the serious tip in the least really. This duo is about dope beats & ill rhymes. And very few duos can execute this somewhat narrow spectrum with such vivid success. Tracks like "Funky Technician", "Back to Back Rhyming" featuring A.G., "Bud Mutha", "Just a Little Something" are just a few examples of the perfection these guys have to offer. There isn't a wack track in the bunch.

Despite the stellar lineup of talent, this album never received the respect it's due. In which case, it remains wholly underrated. And to the unconverted, without a question, you need this in your collection as soon as humanly possible.

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